Delta’s charging solution makes Taipei City electric vehicle-friendly

Delta assisted the Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office in building a fully functional electric vehicle (EV) charging facility featuring easy deployment and management. The project installed over 100 AC chargers and management systems with remote charging devices supervision in public parking lots throughout Taipei.


Project Background


The rise of environmental awareness is spurring authorities concerned to offer subsidies and tax breaks that encourage more people to use EVs as zero-emission transportation. Thanks to these efforts to increase the purchase and utilization rates of EVs, relevant agencies can now turn their attention to speeding up charging station construction. Rolling out more charging stations reduces range anxiety among EV drivers and can increase willingness to adopt EVs while popularizing them as an alternative driving choice.


To realize its vision of a low-carbon and sustainable city, the public parking lot project of Taipei is a typical example of focused efforts to create a convenient and friendly environment for EV owners.


Project Requirement


This project was awarded to a system integrator (SI) specializing in public or private EV charging facility implementation. Their clients include public utilities, construction companies, parking lot operators and EV owners.


To meet the requirements of Parking Management and Development Office (PMDO), the SI had to install charging interfaces in line with national standards and that support the “EasyCard” sensing mechanism. Another key requirement was networking functionality with blacklisting and remote monitoring features. Other considerations for future operations included ensuring stable quality, easy maintenance and management software’s ease-of-use.


In response to these requirements, this SI chose Delta’s solution as the core offering to win the project.


System Introduction and Product Offerings


Delta commits to quality and follows strict production standards. All Delta chargers have a complete protection mechanism from the time the design process begins and undergoes rigorous safety and quality inspection before leaving the factory. This ensures that all products offer users the best in terms of both stability and reliability.


Delta’s combined hardware and software solution, including the AC Wallbox Charger and Site Management System, met the various requirements of this project.


The AC Wallbox is a wall-mounted AC charger with 7 kW of power output and is CNS 15511-certified. This meets all the requirements for Taiwan’s market. Wall and pole mounting options enable installation flexibility, while the RFID authentication mechanism made it easy to integrate with the EasyCard system. Network functionality also enables easy integration with back-end systems, making charger management convenient.


Using Delta’s Site Management System as the back-end management makes this solution even more powerful. Managers can use the software to remotely monitor charging devices in different parking lots without leaving their office. They can also run tests to see whether the chargers are working properly from their computers. If there is a charger failure, operators can immediately call service personnel to reduce downtime and increase device utilization.


Delta’s Site Management System has an intuitive user interface and information dashboard. Managers can easily export charging data and event records while the blacklisting function can block any EasyCard associated with improper charging devices use. The maintenance and management benefits of Delta’s chargers give them a clear advantage in the market.




EVs users need enough chargers to fulfill their need for sufficient power anytime and anywhere. This requires the establishment of key infrastructure like Delta’s solution for public charging stations that earned praise from the Taipei City. Since the project began, over 100 AC chargers have deployed in dozens of public parking lots across Taipei. In addition, Delta’s EV charging facility solution are available at residential buildings, restaurants, and other public utilities. Looking forward, Delta continues to advance the development of product portfolio of AC and DC chargers to liven up charging experience everywhere and anytime.


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