NB-IoT Lighting Controller with Photo and G Sensors

SGDC-L38 is a lighting controller that links street light to the lighting control back end system via NB-IoT connectivity. It supports lighting dimming control, relay on/off control, temperature and power measurement function as what NEMA node supports for street lighting control application. In addition, a photo sensor and G-sensor are built in the SGDC-L38 to provide light and drop detection.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • Compatible with major LED street lamps with NEMA sockets
  • Advanced on/off/dimming control, scheduling, and central management for energy use optimization
  • Built-in light and G-sensor for automatic dimming and fall prediction
  • Abnormal detection, remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Support password validation, firewall, and AES128, MQTT TLS (SSL) and MDVPN to ensure high security
  • Highly integrated with major management systems