Delta's Green Theater Dazzles COMPUTEX 2019 with its
Ground-breaking 8K Projection and IoT-based Energy-Saving Solutions

TAIPEI, May 29, 2019 – Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today unveiled, at COMPUTEX 2019, its state-of-the-art 25,000-lumen 8K display technology and its portfolio of IoT-based smart energy-saving solutions to demonstrate an 8K Green Theater for sustainable cities. Visitors will experience a uniquely intelligent, eco-friendly theater environment enabled by Delta's building automation solutions. In addition, the Theater not only features a parking lot with a microgrid-supported electric vehicle (EV) charging site, but also a select area with Delta's consumer electronics products and indoor air quality solutions.

Mr. Ping Cheng, Delta's chief executive officer, remarked, “Cities are reinventing themselves as intelligent low-carbon entities and Delta is contributing to that megatrend by enhancing the energy efficiency, productivity and safety of buildings, transportation and infrastructure. That said, our IoT-based smart green solutions enable smart control of HVAC, lighting, surveillance, and overall infrastructure to create complete building management platforms. The rapid development of e-mobility has also inspired Delta to develop its V2H/V2G EV Charger, a cutting-edge device capable of improving the energy resilience of cities by enabling bidirectional energy transfer between EVs and the electricity loads. Our Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions are also a pillar of cities' digital transformation by upgrading ICT infrastructure into eco-friendly facilities, such as our Delta headquarters' data center, the world's first LEED Platinum-certified data center.”

Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Delta's chief brand officer, said, “The Theater is a unique venue for creation and serves as a leisure place for citizens of sustainable cities. At this year's COMPUTEX we built the Delta 8K Green Theater with our leading 8K projection technology, meaning there are a total of 33 million pixels, at 25,000-ANSI lumen brightness, on a large projection screen. To enhance user experience, the theater environment also integrates Delta's building automation solutions that create three audience-oriented operation modes: Welcome – Projection – Ending, based on smart tunable white lighting and curtain control. Our indoor environment quality and surveillance systems integrate smart management software platforms to ensure optimum levels of comfort and safety in the Theater as well.”

Outside the Theater, Delta's renewable energy solutions, energy storage systems and EV charging solutions realize microgrid infrastructure that helps sustainable cities manage energy efficiently, a critical capability in the advent of the global EV revolution. Delta's AC Mini Plus EV charger, winner of the 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award, will demonstrate its IoT connectivity features by linking with an EV charging site management system via Wi-Fi.
The Delta Select Area of the Theater exhibits Delta's consumer electronics products, including the brand new Innergie 45H, a 45W USB-C adapter to recharge a broad range of mobile devices. The Vivitek Qumi Z1H mini projector will also be unveiled at COMPUTEX 2019. Delta's new wall-mount energy recovery ventilator (ERV) system is an indoor air quality solution equipped with our in-house DC motor and a high-efficiency filter to improve the health conditions in homes by purifying the indoor air while also automatically detecting PM2.5 particles, CO2 levels, and volatile organic components (VOCs).

Delta welcomes visitors to its exhibition site at COMPUTEX 2019, located at Hall 1, 4th floor, stand M0110, from May 28 to June 1st. During the tradeshow, Delta's 8K Green Theater will host daily noon and afternoon sessions to display the Delta Electronics Foundation-sponsored “Water with Life in Taiwan”, which is the first 8K environmental documentary in Taiwan. The 8K-resolution images of the film will offer the audience an unparalleled level of details of Taiwan's environmental resources and challenges.

Delta's Key Highlights @ COMPUTEX 2019:

8K Green Theater

- INSIGHT Laser 8K Projector: The world's first 25,000-lumen 8K DLP® laser projector will offer the COMPUTEX 2019 audience a dazzling 8K (7680x4320) resolution. The INSIGHT Laser 8K also boasts 20,000:1 contrast and a light source with up to 20,000 hours of lifetime. Highly sophisticated applications such as large-scale projection and broadcasting, planetariums, simulation and visualization, will find the INSIGHT Laser 8K as the ideal solution to captivate audiences or demonstrate unparalleled levels of detail.

- Building Automation Solutions: The web-based building management software system enteliWEB is capable of integrating the control of HVAC, lighting, surveillance and other building systems, execute energy analytics, and manage a broad range of operations and processes.

- O3 Room Automation System: O3 series, including room controllers and sensors, is a human-centric intelligent sensing and control solution. The O3 Room Controller combines modular I/O with room-level integration and is a complete solution that combines HVAC, access and lighting control in a modular system. The O3 Sensor Hub provides an all-in-one sensor solution for HVAC, access, lighting, sound, and motion to deliver an enhanced occupant experience.

- LED Lighting Luminaries: The Versa DALI luminaries feature tunable white lighting technology via DALI controllers and sensors to improve the user comfort in indoor environments by achieving daylight harvest.

- Smart Surveillance: VIVOTEK's Fisheye Camera boasts CMOS light sensor technology and 12-megapixel resolution to provide optimum video imaging quality, both with 180° or 360° degrees depending on the installation parameters, thus, ideal for large-crowd venues requiring high security standards such as airports, shopping malls, and office complexes. Our showcase will also include VIVOTEK's People Counting Camera, which functions with 3D depth technology and image surveillance functions to collect user counts and preferred areas within commercial areas, both key data to improve the effectiveness of marketing, resource allocation and service time plans. Facial recognition technology uses edge computing, high-speed and high-precision real-time analysis of facial features and effective multi-person detection. It is suitable for commercial offices, shopping malls and factories. It can effectively reduce labor costs and master data and improve overall operational efficiency.

- UNO Indoor Environment Quality Solution: A system leveraging the latest cloud-based IoT technology to provide the best air quality conditions for building users via the UNOsense indoor super sensor, the energy-efficient UNOac air conditioning, the energy-saving UNOerv energy recovery ventilation and the UNOcloud cloud platform.

- InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solution: A comprehensive platform to enhance the power usage effectiveness, productivity and operating efficiency of data centers by providing eco-friendly precision cooling, power supply, modular cabinets and racks as well as a environment monitoring platform. InfraSuite is capable of creating green data centers by facilitating energy savings of up to 25%.

Theater Microgrid:

- EV Charging Solutions: Delta is showcasing its V2H/V2G EV Charger at COMPUTEX 2019. This solution is capable of turning EVs into virtual power plants by allowing bidirectional power transfer between an EV battery and a home, building or electricity grid. The Delta AC Mini Plus EV charger not only supports the CNS 15511 charging standard and the OCPP communication protocol, but also offers user identification card reader and a compact stylish design to fit residential and commercial EV charging sites.

- Renewable Energy Solutions: Delta's solar PV inverter M70A series offers energy conversion efficiency up to 98.7% and provides cloud-based communication capabilities for real-time monitoring and control of power generation conditions.

- Power Conditioning System (PCS): The PCS 100kW system facilitates bidirectional power conversion between a battery energy storage system and the electricity grid so that customers can benefit from lower electricity costs and smarter, more eco-friendly energy management practices such as load shifting, peak shaving, demand response, and more. The PCS 100kW also supports real power and reactive power conditions to improve power quality.

- Battery Energy Storage System: Delta's Lithium-ion battery energy storage system is designed to support fast charge / fast discharge for highly demanding energy requirements, such as demand response, peak shaving, load shifting, etc. Its Standalone Mode also supports micro-grid islanding functions.
Theater Delta Select Area:

- Consumer Power Products – Innergie, a brand of Delta: The Innergie 45H USB-C is a compact 45W power adapter that supports everything from laptops to smartphones, from USB to USB-C devices. The market's smallest 60W power adapter Innergie 60C Pro USB-C will be featured at COMPUTEX again.

- Projectors – Vivitek, a brand of Delta: The Vivitek Qumi Z1H mini projector, unveiled at COMPUTEX for the first time, offers 300 lumens of brightness with a slim, lightweight and highly portable case. It also boasts an embedded battery to support continuous projection of up to 2 hours.

- Smart Conference Room/Classroom Solutions: The NovoTouch LK7530i features an ultra-high-definition 4K 75” IPS backlit LED panel with up to 20-point finger touch interactivity (10-point writing/20-point touch), which offers easy-to-use, multi-screen, cross-platform/device wireless interactive collaboration functions for the use of conference rooms and classrooms. The Novo DS4K digital signage system, featuring an excellent playlist function and remote management for multiple devices, is also displayed in Delta's area.

- Indoor Air Quality Solution: Air pollution is a top concern in Taiwan. Delta is developing products to improve indoor air quality, such as a wall-mount ERV system equipped with its own energy-efficient DC motor fans. This solution boasts a high-efficiency filter to purify the air, and automatically detect PM2.5 particles, CO2 levels, and VOCs.

News Source:Delta Electronics, Inc.