Friday, July 30, 2021

Delta’s Rubber Sheet Extruder Solution Builds One-Stop Digitized Operation for Flat and High-Quality Production

Plastics are widely used in every corner of the world. Its production can be found in food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, and many other industries. Besides injection and blown film, many packing materials can be produced by a process using a heated mold that softens a rubber sheet on its surface and vacuum forms it into a finished product, such as for 3C gadget and cosmetics packages, plastic plates, and disposable cups. During the extruding process, the quality of rubber sheets is a critical factor for quality yield. Therefore, ensuring that the rubber sheets are flat without holes or waves is essential for plastic manufacturers.

PVC for cling wrap, PP for pudding boxes, and PE for a wide range of plastic bags and dispensing bottles are common plastic materials. There is a variety of proper temperatures and tensions for high-quality rubber sheets production, and how to control these parameters has become a focus in the industry.

Recently, Delta provided a rubber sheet extruder solution to a plastic manufacturer in Taiwan. The solution centralizes digitized data and is capable of handling single and multiple thermoplastic rubber sheets in various materials. In addition, the solution is compatible with multiple protocols to prevent “information silo” issues. On top of that, it connects to customer information systems for diversified production profiles and satisfies the need to link to temperature molding machines, oil-hydraulic presses, and other auxiliary machines.

Delta’s rubber sheet extruder solution employs the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series and High Power Compact Drives MH300 Series. The built-in feature of tension control can substitute PLC-based PID control with a high response, and significantly increases rewind and unwind efficiency. During production, plastic materials enter the inlet and are heated to the required temperature controlled by the Multi-loop Modular Temperature Controller DTM Series. The metering pump then feeds the plastic quantity to the mold head and moves it on to the cooling wheel to adjust the thickness and heat dissipation. Followed by the coating wheel applying silicon, the leveling wheel reheats the sheet and avoids folds.

Delta’s Rubber Sheet Extruder Solution brings the following benefits to the client:

• Increases Commissioning Efficiency and Productivity

Delta’s Rubber Sheet Extruder Solution employs the Delta High Performance Compact Drive MH300 Series. With the built-in tension control, tension signals are transmitted without PLC PID calculation, which decreases communication time. In addition, the operators can quickly and easily select temperature recipes through the Human Machine Interfaces DOP-100 Series, and this improves commissioning efficiency by 50%.

• Enhances Rubber Sheet Product Quality

Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series supports speed signal conversion between master and slave axis, and features a stop delay function block upon alarms for the stable forming of smooth rubber sheets. In addition, with the capability of the Multi-Loop Modular Temperature Controller DTM Series that supports multiple extension modules and temperature control points, Delta’s Rubber Sheet Extruder Solution prevents overheating and eliminates poor matter property issues.

• Diversifies Rubber Sheet Production Profiles

By connecting customer information with IIoT, Delta’s Rubber Sheet Extruder Solution helps customers record plastic material, speed, and temperature. It also measures sheet thickness and predicts productivity. Customers can improve the configurations for future products based on diverse production profiles.

Delta’s Rubber Sheet Extruder Solution considers multiple materials of plastic sheets and centralizes the management and display of various frequencies, tension control, and IIoT, and supports diverse production profiles. Delta not only helps plastic manufacturers to improve commissioning efficiency and rubber sheet quality, but also prepares them for the smart manufacturing future by offering a complete product portfolio and a one-stop service.

News Source:IABG MKT