Wastewater Collection System / Village of Wellington, Florida

VTScada is applied to the municipal wastewater collection system with several remote components for the use of a wide range from gravity sewer lines in areas with shifting elevations to complex integrated gravity, force mains and lift stations.

In addition, VTScada also monitors, controls and manages remote assets such as re-use force mains, air relief valves, flow meters and a variety of other remote equipment for many collection departments.


• Automated lift station templates

• Support for simultaneous data mediums (UHF, VHF, spread spectrum, Ethernet, Fiber, standard modem and cellular modem)

• Advanced polling driver

• Pump activity reports

• Derived flow reports for pump station

• Pump discrepancy reports for predictive maintenance

• Radio diagnostics drivers for MDS and Calamp radios

• Mobile application for remote monitoring and control


News Source:IABG MKT