High-speed Fluid Machinery Solution

Fluid machinery transfers mechanical energy to fluid energy of flow rate and pressure with motor rotational speed. The faster the motor rotates, the higher the amount and pressure of the flow. However, it is difficult for the fluid industry to increase rotational speed when the machinery is under high-speed operation due to bearing friction. Moreover, the high energy consumption is a pain point for the industry.

To overcome the difficulties and enhance the energy efficiency of fluid machinery, Delta leveraged its extensive experience in motor drive and control fields and launched the high-speed fluid machinery solution. The solution applies maglev technology and integrates an inverter, magnetic bearing drive, high-speed motor, magnetic bearing, active power filter, and control/software. The solution significantly increases the rotation speed and achieves stable high-speed drive control over a wide range. With the same energy consumption, the magnetic centrifugal compressor can generate a higher flow rate than a traditional positive displacement compressor to increase energy efficiency and reduce expenditure. It is suitable for maglev centrifugal chillers, maglev blowers, and maglev air compressors.

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