Delta Presents Smart Manufacturing Solutions with Cloud, AIoT and Edge Technologies at Touch Taiwan 2022

From 27-29 April, Delta is presenting its smart manufacturing solutions at the Touch Taiwan Exhibition 2022. Sharing the same theme as from Taipei Automation 2021, ‘Digitized Automation for a Changing World,’ Delta continues its focus on smart manufacturing with an emphasis on end-to-end, holistic smart factory solutions. Delta is also exhibiting its Flying Trigger and PCB Insertion Solution, which integrates its SCARA with a machine vision system to enhance productivity and quality.

At the exhibition, Delta is inviting visitors on a journey through smart manufacturing, which starts from its Smart Equipment that enables real-time monitoring and data transmission for analytics. The equipment is connected as a production line by Delta Automation Integration Platform DIAAuto. The platform unifies the machine data format and feeds the information to the Manufacturing Management Platform DIAWorks for MES, AI processing and other intelligent features.

This is also the first time that Delta is introducing its AIoT solution, which has attracted much attention. Delta’s AI Edge Computing Solution mobilizes micro-services to solve longstanding challenges in IoT, including data format and language unification. AI technology is then brought in for smart analytics, predictive maintenance and ultimately auto-response to achieve an intelligent factory.

Cloud technology, as the prospect focus of smart manufacturing, is another highlight at the exhibition. With cloud services, Delta lifts the burden of IT resources for customers for data treatment while enabling cross regional operation in the post-pandemic era. EdgeMES, the MES for the machine assembly industry, is one example. The out-of-the-box feature even accelerates the efficiency of implementation. In a cloud smart factory, the Statistical Process Control System DIASPC can integrate with Delta’s MES and conduct in-line quality control, anomaly alerts and analysis. As a result, enterprises can take timely action and effectively uncover problems undermining product quality.

On the panel Realize ESG with Smart Manufacturing, Delta is incorporating its founding values—creating a smarter and greener world—with its expertise in smart manufacturing. Delta’s smart green factory solution connects devices and equipment with an integrated network, and uploads equipment data to the facility management control system (FMCS). The solution supports greenhouse gas quantification and carbon footprint management with dedicated platforms. Leveraging AI technology, it can optimize parameters of factory operation, enable early equipment earning and implement micro-environment control with artificial neural network for a green and intelligent factory.

The exhibition is only the start of the digital transformation journey. Delta will continue to bring innovation to smart manufacturing solutions and empower its customers with digitized automation for a changing world.

News Source:IABG MKT Dept.