Healthcare Devices

Healthcare Devices

  Today our healthcare devices product portfolio includes glucose meters, fingertip and handheld pulse oximeters, hemoglobin analyzers and nebulizers. Through innovative product development Delta strives to provide people with a better quality of life.

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Blood Glucose Meter

Delta Blood Glucose Meters provide home users easy way to monitor their blood glucose level by their selves. Friendly use, accurate and reliable products are our main design trend...>
Pulse Oximeter

Delta Pulse Oximeters provide both home users and healthcare professionals easy way to monitor patients' blood oxygen concentration. Friendly use, accurate and reliable products are our main design trend...>

DELBio Mesh nebulizer features state-of-the art mesh technology offering high nebulization rate with MMAD favorable for lung absorption. Based on computational fluid dynamic technology, a patented chamber design provides easy cleaning configuration associating with low residual liquid volume. The chamber is fabricated with BPA-free material and also can be disinfected with boiling water or steam from autoclave...>
Medical Image

Delta Medical Image system provides X-ray generator, X-ray system and ultrasound system.

The handheld ultrasound weighs less than 4.5lb and uses gestures and touch operation much like a tablet or touchscreen computer. With the well-known unique beamforming microprocessor technology, excellent image quality with an efficient workflow and easy use...>
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