Amplon (> 1kVA)

N Series 6/10 kVA

Amplon (> 1kVA) - N Series 6/10 kVA

Innovative. Compact. High Performance.

The Amplon N series 6-10kVA UPS is a single-phase on-line UPS with pioneering technology that provides output power factor up to unity and AC-AC efficiency to a maximum 95%. Its remarkably compact dimensions reserve more room for critical equipment such as workstations, POSs, ATMs, office appliances, small server rooms, and production equipment. The Amplon N series superior features include a N+X parallel redundancy function and variable fan speed control to guarantee high system availability and best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Delta N series 6kVA, 10kVA UPS - Rear Panel, LCD panel

Product available regions : SEA, India, China, Korea
Because product specifications vary slightly from region to region, please download your local leaflet or visit your local website for detailed product information.
  The Most Compact Design and Best TCO
The smallest dimensions in its class saves significant space for more critical equipment.
A pioneer in unity power factor (kVA=kW) to maximize power availability.
The highest AC-AC efficiency up to 95% and efficiency of 98% in ECO mode for exceptional energy cost savings.
Automatic speed regulation function with multi-stage fan speed control maximizes system efficiency, significantly reduces audible noise, and prolongs the service life of the fans.
  High Availability
True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery ensure high reliability.
Parallel configuration for expansion and N+X redundancy up to 4 units.
Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controller for fast computation capabilities and a simplified control circuit for enhanced stability.
Generator compatibility ensures continuous and reliable power.
  Intelligent Management
Excellent local communications through user-friendly LCD display and LED indicators.
Intelligent battery management maximizes battery performance and extends battery life.
Various types of communication interfaces enhance monitoring and manageability.
N-6K / N-10K
Power Rating
N-6K : 6kVA/6KW
N-10K : 10kVA/10KW
Nominal Voltage : 200/208/220/230/240 Vac
Voltage range
200/208 (de-rating to 90%) : 100Vac~280Vac *
220/230/240 : 100Vac~280Vac **
Frequency : 40Hz ~ 70Hz
Power Factor : >0.99 (full load)
Current Harmonic Distortion : < 3%
Power Factor : 1
Nominal Voltage : 200/208/220/230/240 Vac
Frequency : 50/60 ±0.05 Hz
Voltage Harmonic Distortion : < 2% (linear load)
Overload capability
< 105%: continuous
105% ~ 125%: 2 minutes
125% ~ 150%: 30 seconds
Crest factor : 3:1
AC-AC : Up to 95%
ECO mode : Up to 98%
Voltage : 192-264Vdc adjustable
Charge current : 1.5-8A selectable
Audible Noise : < 50dBA
Display : LED indicators and LCD display
Communication Interfaces : REPOx1, RS-232 Port x1, USB Port x1, Parallel Port x2, Smart Slot x1
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 190 x 390 x 325 mm
N-6K : 10.1kg
N-10K : 12.7kg
Operating Altitude : 1000 meters (without de-rating)
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 40℃ (at 100% load)
45 ~ 55℃ (de-rating to 80%)
Storage Temperature : -15 ~ 50℃
Relative Humidity : 5 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
* Linear de-rating between 40%~90% load at 100Vac~175Vac.
** Linear de-rating between 40%~100% load at 100Vac~194Vac.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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