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    Delta Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

    Delta’s Data Center Infrastructure Solutions are positioned as “The power behind competitiveness” by providing highly reliable and efficient power management products and data center infrastructure solutions. Our goal is to ensure the continuity of our customers’ mission critical operations while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In data center industries, Delta is a powerful and trustworthy partner to companies that strive to outperform the competition.

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    • Delta's POD Solution

      Delta's POD Solution is a smart and flexible architecture suitable for small and medium enterprise applications. with its fully modular design concept, is flexible and offers pay-as-you-grow with short installation time to meet the rapidly growing needs of data storage and processing.

    • Delta's power container solution for MW datacenter service providers

      Scalable to expand with your business

      • Modular to combine with other individual modular subsystems including cooling, service, and IT containers to build a complete containerized datacenter

      • Applicable for either ISO or wide-ISO containers

    • Delta’s containerized data center

      Delta’s containerized datacenter offers a prefabricated, pretested, and fully configured architecture with high portability for edge computing application by telecommunication and datacenter operators. It includes all infrastructure sub-systems in one container with AC or AC/DC converged backup power, batteries, power distribution, cooling system, modular racks, generator set, fire suppression, security system, lighting and more. The all-in-one design not only provides one stop shopping for customers, but also realizes high system integration and reliability.

    • Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

      Delta InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions feature modularity, manageability, agility, efficiency and reliability. Its four modules include power systems, racks and accessories, precision cooling, and environment management systems that offer integrated services for data center infrastructure.

    • Power Management

      The Power Management system is composed of scalable Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Units (PDU), and Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDU). The combination works in unison to optimize a data center's power distribution capacity and to provide constant protection for mission critical loads. Delta’s high performance UPSs come in various capacities based on customer requirements. The scalable modular design of the Power Management system ensures continuous and cost-effective data center expansion to meet customer needs.

    • Delta InfraSuite Busway System

      Delta's Busway System provides a flexible, safe, and sustainable solution for the power distribution of data centers. The busway system offers a wide range of ampere ratings that fulfill high density power requirements. Quick deployment and easy installation increases the resiliency of data center retrofit or expansion. The epoxy cast resin materials permanently maintain great insulation for safety. Delta’s busway solution effectively improves the reliability of data center power distribution.

    • Rack and Accessories

      Simplicity and optimal space usage are the key deliverables derived from the modular 19-inch server rack, 23-inch network equipment rack, and a full range of rack accessories. With its features of easy assembly, heavy load capacity, and smart ventilation design, Delta InfraSuite’s Rack and Accessories makes it possible to set up efficient, fully functioned and high-density data centers.

    • Precision Cooling

      Delta’s professional data center cooling solution uses a complete precision cooling product portfolio that includes: the RowCool Series that can be installed right next to a heat source to eliminate hot spots; the RoomCool Series, available in downflow configurations; and the ADU (Air Distribution Unit) that supports downflow RoomCool to effectively remove heat from a hot spot.

    • Management System

      Delta’s environment management system is the ideal safeguard for data center operations. Data center environments, security and energy consumption status is easily reported to IT managers in real time from anywhere in the world, ensuring optimal data center operations, and ultimately, the protection of an enterprise's overall competitiveness in today's fast-paced world.

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    • Delta Ultron HPH Series 20/30/40 kVA UPS

      Delta introduces fully-featured, agile, unlimited backup power - HPH Generation 2. The latest HPH Gen.2 20-40 kVA UPS offers a best in class footprint and high-level performance. With advanced technology and thermal management, it achieves the world’s leading power density and promises 40°C without de-rating. The 0.99 input PF and iTHD less than 2% ensure maximum upstream source compatibility.

    • Delta Amplon RT Series 5-20kVA UPS

      The Delta Amplon RT Series 5-20kVA is an online double-conversion UPS systems provide rich features with class-leading density (2U height). It is also the first UPS on the market to offer lithium-ion external battery cabinets as standard. Customers can also feel free to choose VRLA batteries for scalable runtime and benefit from flexible battery quantity configurations (16-24pcs) to optimize their battery investment.

      The RT series is ideal for edge computing, telecommunications and government where critical applications require power backup with limited space.

      * Product specifications vary slightly from region to region.

  • Success Story Video
    • Delta Provides Modular UPS Solution for Provinciehuis Utrecht in Netherland

      The Province of Utrecht in the Netherlands consists of 26 municipalities and is home to a population of 1,320,000. The Provinciehuis government building is where 49 representatives work closely with municipalities and the central government of the Netherlands. They needed to replace the existing UPS. Delta’s 120kVA modular UPS was a perfect fit as a replacement for the existing equipment at Provinciehuis Utrecht. It delivers high efficiency and required only minor adjustments upon installation. Delta’s modular UPS features three-phase modular UPSs for power rating requirements above 20kVA that serve as power protection for mission-critical infrastructure such as datacenters, mid to large network equipment, and more. Its modular design delivers an ideal solution for datacenters demanding peak efficiency and availability at a lower TCO.

    • Delta's Data Center Solutions Help Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) Create its New Energy-Efficient Backbone Enterprise Data Center

      Delta designed and built the new energy-efficient backbone enterprise data center of Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), one of the world’s largest petrochemical conglomerates. The aforementioned 750kW and 1000 sqm data center which supports FPG's IT operations and data centers around the world, leverages Delta's energy-efficient modularized data center infrastructure solution and system integration capabilities to deliver a PUE (power usage effectiveness) below 1.5, as well as up to 30% annual energy savings.

    • Taiwan’s most prominent academic technology research campus chose Delta’s infraSuite solutions to build an energy-efficient data center

      Delta has leveraged its uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and precision cooling systems, its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software platform, as well as its system integration prowess to deliver an energy-efficient data center total solution Taiwan’s most prominent academic technology research campus. This solution will help our customer reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of its new IT operations substantially.

    • Delta UPS and DCIM solutions power new, green data center and data lab for Bytesnet

      Bytesnet, a regional colocation and network services provider in Europe, partnered with Delta to build a tier 3+ data center in The Netherlands. Bytesnet not only selected Delta’s exceptionally high power-density and high-efficiency Modulon DPH500 UPS system, but also the InfraSuite Manager data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system. Delta InfraSuite Manager delivers automation and visibility into the data center and increase the ease of management on a comprehensive platform.

    • Campana Data Center for a Submarine Cable Landing Station in Myanmar

      Delta has provided a 200kW modular containerized data center solution for the Singapore-based Campana Group. Designed for the MYTHIC International Submarine Cable Project, the largest high-speed data center corridor connecting Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia, the solution would benefit end consumers in Southeast Asia to experience an enriched digital life. From Delta's production base, to being pre-configured and pre-tested at container base, and to being installed at Yangon, Myanmar, the on-site deployment and construction completed in 50 days. Delta’s total data center solution for an advanced world-class submarine cable landing station – features agility, quick configuration, and high integration. Success of the Campana submarine cable landing station data center once again proves Delta's capability in applying the containerized data centers in this challenging market.

    • Delta Builds Green Data Center for National United University

      Delta InfraSuite Datacenter Solutions is the powerful driving force that made NUU’s green datacenter possible, helping the University achieve the government requirement of energy savings and carbon reduction. Delta once again proves itself as the best partner for providing green datacenter solutions to educational institutions in the country.

    • Delta provides a complete datacenter solution for ShanXi broadcasting station in China

      Delta has won the bid to provide ShanXi broadcasting station with a complete datacenter solution in China. With the client’s requirement for a green, energy efficient data center in its broadcasting tower, the design will include a complete solution along with incorporating modern IT aesthetics. Delta has fulfilled requirements by providing the InfraSuite Data Center Solutions with the installation of the Modular NH Plus UPS, PDC, server rack, RoomCool and environmental management system. Delta’s InfraSuite Data Center Solution with its high scalability, reliability and efficiency has met the client’s expectations for a green datacenter.

  • Event Video
    • Webinar: Edge and cloud – the data center evolution

      How hyperscale and edge trends are impacting data center design.

    • Delta at CEBIT 2018

      Delta announced its Datacentre Infrastructure Solutions for cloud and edge data centres are on display at the world’s leading digital innovation tradeshow, CEBIT 2018, to serve as the very foundation of the digital economy — the focus of CEBIT 2018. The modular DPH series and the monoblock DPS series UPSs, respectively with 500kVA and 600kVA capacity each, satisfy the high power needs of cloud data centres while the brand-new RT series UPSs offer flexible configurations of 10-20 kVA for edge data centres. The new Li-ion Battery Solution for UPS systems, which boasts leading energy storage footprint with up 51.8kWh in a 19” cabinet, is an ideal solution to substantially reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) in data centres.

    • Delta at CeBIT 2017

      Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced its extensive portfolio of energy-efficient and smart Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions, already bolstering the creation of green datacenters and edge computing datacenters with either AC, converged AC-DC and high voltage DC (HVDC) architectures in key regions of the world, is a hit at CeBIT 2017. The new prefabricated all-in-one Containerized Datacenter, and the new 600kVA-1.2MVA UPS featuring the world's highest power density of 600kVA/m2 for optimal footprint, are both pillars of Delta's unrivaled competence in optimizing the productivity and carbon footprint of highly demanding datacenters.