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  Delta Partners with Alibaba to Develop Next-Generation Power Supply Technology for Internet Data Center (IDC) Applications
TAIPEI, November 26, 2019 – Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, unveiled a partnership with Alibaba, China’s leading e-commerce company, for the development of cutting-edge power supply technology for internet data centers (IDC) at the 2019 China Data Center Committee Summit, held yesterday in Beijing, China. The aforementioned power supplies leverage Delta’s core competence in high-efficiency power electronics to enable lower power equipment quantity by up to 40%(1) and reduced space by half(1) in IDCs. These advanced power supplies directly convert medium voltage 10kV AC into 240V DC, thus, enhancing energy efficiency up to 98.5% as well as reliability by eliminating the need for traditional energy conversion equipment commonly present in IDCs.

Mr. Shuiwang Liu, senior expert of data center infrastructure at Alibaba, said, “This newly-developed power supply technology brings benefits regarding energy conversion efficiency up to 98.5% and lower power equipment quantity by approximately 40%. These cutting-edge power supplies, which have been successfully developed through the combination of Alibaba’s expertise in cloud computing and Delta’s prowess in smart energy management, directly convert medium voltage 10kV AC into 240V DC (or 336V DC), and that is a game changer in IDC applications.”

Alibaba’s data center senior expert Mr. Shuiwang Liu and Delta’s data center R&D manager Mr. Richard Chan, presented these next-generation power supplies at the 2019 China Data Center Committee Summit.

These jointly-developed power supplies successfully integrate the 10kV AC power system, isolation transformer, modular DC power system, and the output power accessories to enhance energy conversion efficiency, reliability, power density, power output and maintenance efficiency. Its modular design enables scalability to at least 2.5MW, thus highly suitable for IDCs of the near future, which will require unprecedented efficiency, reliability, power density and capacity, as well as maintenance convenience.

Delta boasts not only advanced high-efficiency power electronics technology, but also a robust track record regarding the integration and global deployment of energy-saving solutions in a broad spectrum of fields. The joint development of cutting-edge power supply technology with Alibaba, enables higher energy efficiency by up to 3 percentage points and reduces related total power equipment total investment costs by close to 20% in IDCs, an application that is expected to see explosive growth for the IoT and telecom sectors. Data centers in Zhejiang Province and in Jiangsu Province have already adopted these state-of-the-art power supplies.

(1) Compared to traditional IDC power systems.
Delta partners with Alibaba to develop next-generation power supply technology for internet data center (IDC) applications.
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