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  Delta Features Smart CNC Machine Solutions for Changing Industries at the 2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show
TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 6th, 2018 – In response to the global trend for smart machine tools, Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, has announced its cooperation with Fair Friend, EQUIPTOP, and ECOCA to present a series of high-end automation and smart solutions for CNC machines and factories at the 2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS). Delta is showcasing a brand-new “2 machine tools + 1 robot workstation” demo to simulate automated machine tool processing and robot pick-and-place. The two machine tools implement Delta’s CNC solutions, and the robot workstation adopts Delta’s articulated robots along with the latest Delta Robotic Simulation Platform DRASimuCAD for workstation design and construction. With the built-in CAD and robot simulation functions, the DRASimuCAD allows users to easily build moulds and generate work paths for automated robotic work. For smart machines and IIoT, Delta’s equipment IoT solution connects machines, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system, and management visualization to achieve a completely digitalized smart production chain.

Andy Liu, general manager of the industrial automation business group (IABG), Delta Electronics, Inc., indicated that Delta has developed various smart industrial automation solutions based on its abundant experience in smart factories. Among them, Delta’s CNC solutions integrate self-developed key components, including CNC controllers, servo drives and spindle motors, and have successfully penetrated into Taiwan and China, as well as other markets in APAC, Europe, and America. Recently, Delta’s CNC solutions have been applied in processing the convex glass of vehicle rear-view mirrors and mobile phone cases, as well as in other industries to achieve highly precise control, efficient production, and smart management for customers, while saving significantly on labor requirements. At this event, Delta is displaying its integration capabilities for customized smart manufacturing solutions, while strengthening the competitiveness of the local machine tool industries to meet the global trends of digitalization and smart manufacturing.

The highlight of Delta’s booth at this year’s TMTS is the “2 machine tools + 1 robot workstation” demo. It is integrated with a CNC Lathe, a Vertical Machining Center and a robot workstation to simulate machine milling and automatic workpiece pick-and-place:

- The CNC Lathe and the Vertical Machining Center both adopt Delta’s CNC solutions and feature high speed, high precision, and excellent performance. The robot workstation uses Delta’s new 6-axis Articulated Robot DRVA4 with an extended working range of 1,400mm to perform flexible one-to-two workpiece pick-and-place tasks.
- The latest Delta Robotic Simulation Platform DRASimuCAD was applied in the design and construction of the robot workstation. This new software features built-in CAD/CAM functions and robot simulation as an integrated platform. Users can easily design robotic workstations without switching software, saving on the time and cost of planning and tuning. The DRASimuCAD has been applied in glue dispensing to save software costs and to save time on setting up production lines.
- The Equipment IoT Platform DIALink is implemented in the demo to collect and upload machine operation data to Delta’s DIAVIew SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System for real-time machining status, uptime, and robot operation data monitoring. With a connection to a cloud platform, this solution achieves equipment IoT and remote monitoring for users.

Delta is featuring multiple complete and flexible CNC solutions with a series of advanced CNC controllers that deliver high speed, stable and reliable machining performance when integrated with Delta’s servo drives, spindle motors, and self-developed motion control network DMCNET:

- CNC Controllers NC300 Series features a built-in 32bit high-speed dual CPU to enhance multitasking machining performance. With the CNC Soft software, users can develop and manage a customized interface for all types of CNC machine tools.
- Lathe Controllers NC200 Series adopts a stable and efficient embedded hardware system design. Users can preview tool paths in advance and ensure cutting stability with the Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) simulation. It is suitable for precise and high-speed machining processes.
- OPEN CNC Controller NC30E Series offers an open-structured CNC system. Based on different application needs, users can flexibly choose Delta’s standard interface, or connect with customized human machine interfaces via Delta’s software platform.

In addition, Delta’s equipment IoT solution is the highlight for smart machine management:

- Delta Equipment IoT Platform DIALInk collects the onsite equipment operation status and production data from CNC machine tools and PLC-controlled equipment. Matched with Ethernet switches, DIALink provides a unified interface connecting upper management systems, such as Delta’s DIAMES Manufacturing Execution System and DIAMMP Manufacturing Management Platform for a complete IoT structure. DIALink provides users with standard equipment connection and communication, as well as transparent digitalized information, to achieve efficient smart machine management.

We welcome you to join Delta to experience our smart equipment and manufacturing solutions for CNC machine tools, equipment IoT, as well as digitalized and visualized monitoring and energy management at the 2018 Taiwan Int’l Machine Tool Show, Taichung International Exhibition Center, stand 2B428, November 7th ~ 11th, 2018 in Taichung, Taiwan.
Delta announced to cooperate with Fair Friend, EQUIPTOP, and ECOCA to present a series of high-end automation and smart solutions for CNC machines and factories at the 2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS).
Delta is showcasing a brand-new “2 machine tools + 1 robot workstation” demo to simulate automated machine tool processing and robot pick-and-place.
The CNC Lathe adopts Delta’s 6-axis articulated robot to perform flexible one-to-two workpiece pick-and-place tasks.
News Source: Delta Electronics, Inc.
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