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  Delta's Innovative 8K Projection Technology Displays the Beauty of Future Art in Stunning Detail at VIP Night
TOKYO, January 14th, 2020 – Actively expanding new applications for 8K projection technology, Delta Electronics held a VIP Night event this evening at the Mori Tower in Tokyo, Japan. Inviting nearly 100 first-tier Japanese customers and partners to Mori Art Museum's “Future and the Arts” exhibition, Delta showcased its cutting-edge 8K projection technology to display the beauty of modern visual artwork in stunning detail. Bruce Cheng, founder and honorary chairman of Delta Group, and Yancey Hai, chairman of Delta Electronics, Inc., attended the event along with VIPs from top Japanese companies, Yoshiko Mori, chairperson of the Mori Art Museum, Fumio Nanjo, senior advisor of the Mori Art Museum, and distinguished guests. The attendees witnessed a brand-new visual experience as Delta’s advanced 8K projection technology injected new life into the art of the exhibition.

In his opening speech, Bruce Cheng said, “Delta is dedicated to providing the best and most energy-efficient technologies to create a better tomorrow through innovative products and solutions in the power electronics, automation and infrastructure fields. Among these, Delta has developed remarkable 8K projection technology capabilities over the past three years through the efforts and persistence of our display engineering team. We have also begun to cooperate with world-class museums, art galleries and theaters to present groundbreaking performances. I am honored to provide our 8K projection technology to display the beauty of future art at the Mori Art Museum, Japan's leading modern art museum. For several months, under the guidance of the artist and the museum, we have successfully showcased the modern art video and audio work "Deep Meditation" on a 280-inch large screen using Delta’s 8K projection technology. Through this stunning visual experience and exquisite image presentation, the exhibition has set a new milestone for Delta's innovative projection application by erasing the boundaries between high-tech and the fine arts, allowing the audience to immerse themselves into the deeper connotations of the artist's works while bringing new vitality to modern art.”

Fumio Nanjo, senior advisor of the Mori Art Museum, said, "The theme of this exhibition represents many artworks completed with science and technology, and combines the latest trends including AI, 8K and so on. Many thanks to Delta for providing the world's leading Digital Projection 8K projector, so that abstract visual art can be perfectly presented through 8K projection. Technology is life, and life is technology. To create a richer future, we need to combine technology and culture. We are very happy to have this successful cross-industry cooperation with Delta."

C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics (Japan), said, “This summer, a world-renowned international sporting event will be held in Japan. It will be a grand event that is expected to bring major changes to society and to people's lives by popularizing 8K display and 5G communication technology applications, as well as by renovating infrastructure and reconstructing cities. During this wave of change, Delta continues to provide customers with a variety of advanced energy-saving products and solutions, and to expand business opportunities. For example, our building automation solutions have successfully created an energy-saving and comfortable shopping environment for a newly-opened, large-scale shopping mall. We expect the shopping mall will replicate this experience at its chain stores nationwide. We have also introduced our energy-saving lighting solutions to well-known conference facility operators, a large specialty chain store, and others, to assist in their upgrade to more energy efficient lighting.”

At the VIP Night event, Delta also presented 8K films produced by the Delta team on a large screen. Shan-shan Guo, chief brand officer of Delta Electronics and vice chairman of Delta Electronics Foundation, introduced the content of the work to the guests. Highlights included the world’s first 8K environmental documentary "Water with Life" produced by the Delta Electronic Foundation and NHK Enterprises to promote water education, and an 8K documentary of the world's largest outdoor 8K projection event featuring "Water with Life" that attracted thousands of viewers at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan in 2019. While sharing its technological innovation through 8K films, Delta also shared its commitment as a world-class corporate citizen and called for seriously facing the challenges of water resource issues.

With its successful installations and applications of innovative 8K projection technology in the Japanese market, Delta has actively established new cooperation models with local artists and cultural operators for more business outreach. It recently cooperated with a major public media organization in Japan for live domestic and international 8K broadcasts using large screens for important international sports events and national traditional dramas held in Tokyo. The live 8K broadcasts immersed viewers at different sites in exciting sports and stage events in stunning detail and with zero-time difference. The 8K environmental documentary "Water with Life" has toured dozens of shows throughout Asia since its premiere at the Taichung Science and Technology Museum last March. In Japan, the documentary debuted at Delta’s 8K Experience Showroom in Akihabara and continues to show to large audiences through the NHK BS 8K satellite channel. It also received an excellent response at Delta’s VIP Night at Mori Tower.

The audio-visual artwork presented with Delta's leading 8K projection technology is “Deep Meditation”, which was created by the artist Memo Akten using deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) for the “Future and the Arts” exhibition. It applies the 25,000 lumens DLP® 8K projector Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K technology co-developed by Delta and its subsidiary Digital Projection International Ltd. It projects the artwork using an ultra-high resolution of 33 million pixels onto a 280-inch large screen, offering a perfect combination of cutting-edge imaging technology and future art. Visitors from around the world have viewed the exquisitely refined detail of this spectacular visual experience made possible by Delta’s unique 8K projection technology.

Mori Art Museum's “Future and the Arts” exhibition features more than 100 works by artists from all over the world. Among them, the artist Mr. Memo Akten focuses on integrating AI into the creation of his art, using AI deep learning in the artistic expression of abstract human concepts such as "life", "love", "loyalty", "truth", and "beauty". Based on this learning, the AI automatically generates images to create his hour-long “Deep Meditation” audio-visual artwork. Media and guests are welcome to visit the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (53F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower) from November 19, 2019 to March 29, 2020 to experience the beauty of Delta’s 8K projection technology and the future arts.

For more information, please visit:
Shan-shan Guo, Delta chief brand officer (left 1), Yancey Hai, Delta chairman (left 2), Bruce Cheng, Delta founder and honorary chairman (middle) and C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics (Japan) attended Delta 8K Night event held at the Mori Tower.
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