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Life at Delta
People are our most important assets.
Sharing wealth is an integral part of our philosophy for compensation and benefits.
We offer multiple incentive scheme to attract, retain, develop, motivate talents we acquired.
Employee Compensation
We provide a variety of competitive compensation programs to motivate employees by aligning their personal contributions and company's long-term team and company business goal. We are committed to pay-for-performance incentive programs executed thoroughly.

Fixed Pay
Annual package including 12-month base salary Fixed 2 months year-end bonus (Taiwan only)

Profit Sharing Bonus
In recognition of employees' contribution to the Company, we offer an excellent employee profit sharing bonus which is related to the team’s and company's goal, the team's and the individual's performances.
Employee profit sharing bonus (Taiwan only)
Other incentive plans (Overseas)
Employee Benefits
We offer comprehensive and quality employee benefits to take care of our employees. Employees in Taiwan enjoy the following benefits:

Consummated Insurance and Retirement Programs
In addition to statutory labor insurance, national health insurance and monthly pension contribution, we provide group insurance considerately designed for employees needs. The group insurance covers life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, group  insurance programs for better protection of employees' life.

Flexible Leave Program
We provide better annual leave program than the Labor Standard Act. With flexible floating holidays, employees are able to schedule vacation of the year. Different leave types are given in compliance with related laws, and employees therefore can more flexibly arrange work and life.

Caring Work Environment  
Our diverse services and facilities in all aspects of life coverage include food, entertainment and education allow employees to balance between work and life.
More details about our caring environment can be found from Life @Delta.
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