Delta Demonstrates 400kW Solid State Transformer-based Extreme Fast EV Charger to Partners GM, DTE Energy, NextEnergy, American Center for Mobility and U.S. DOE

By leveraging SiC MOSFET-based solid state transformer topology, the extreme fast charger provides up to 400kW generated from medium voltage with over 96.5% efficiency.

YPSILANTI, MI., October 13, 2022 — Delta Electronics (Americas), Ltd., (“Delta Americas”) subsidiary of Delta Electronics, Inc. (“Delta”), a global leader in power and thermal management technologies and provider of smart energy-saving solutions, today demonstrated a next-generation SiC MOSFET solid state transformer (SST)-based 400kW extreme fast EV charger to its U.S. DOE grant program partners General Motors (GM), DTE Energy, NextEnergy, Virginia Tech’s Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES), and the American Center for Mobility. At the event, key representatives from all program partners, shared their vision on how Delta’s extreme fast EV charging solution, which facilitates industry-leading charging current up to 500 Amps, is expected to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility across North America. The demonstration event featured GM’s all-electric supertruck, the GMC HUMMER EV.

Kelvin Huang, President of Delta Electronics (Americas), said, “Collaborating with GM, NextEnergy, DTE Energy, the American Center for Mobility and the DOE has been a privilege. By combining our joint prowess in energy management, e-mobility and R&D, we are building the EV charging infrastructure of the future. Guided by its corporate mission, ‘To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow’, Delta continuously develops ground-breaking technologies and fosters long-lasting relationships with partners to help achieve mankind’s sustainability goals. This is how Delta, a member of the RE100 and EV100 initiatives, has been uniquely able to deliver more than 1.5 million EV chargers worldwide over the past decade.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the development of Delta’s advanced charging system,” said Tim Grewe, director of Electrification Strategy at GM. “The results are encouraging, and we look forward to continued collaboration as we work toward an all-electric future.”

“Extreme fast charging will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, bringing us closer to a cleaner energy future,” said Richard Mueller, DTE Energy Technology, Standards and Interconnection manager. “A key aspect of the new technology is the ability to connect directly to medium voltage distribution and provide faster, more efficient charging compared to lower voltage chargers. This project will give DTE and its project partners significant insight into how these fast chargers can be integrated safely, reliably and with ever growing numbers into the grid.”   

“NextEnergy is proud to support Delta Electronics and partners to provide the siting analysis and facilitate the initial testing of the extreme fast charger. Commercializing new charging technology will address range anxiety and accelerate the adoption of EV’s to meet our climate and environmental goals,” said Jim Saber, CEO of NextEnergy.

“We need to get to higher power charging so that EV owners get the best refueling experience and can get to where they are going faster.” said Reuben Sarkar ACM CEO, “Delta’s 400 kW extreme fast charger, enabled by ACM’s power infrastructure, is showcasing what the future has in store for EV charging.”

The 400kW (1000V/400A, 500A below 800V) extreme fast EV charger developed by Delta Americas boasts three-phase 13.8 kVac medium voltage SiC MOSFET SST topology to provide not only industry-leading 500A charging current , but also grid-to-vehicle energy efficiency as high as 96.5% with a system weighting 4 times less than conventional fast DC EV chargers. The next-generation SST technology also offers essential capabilities for smart grid applications, such as reactive power compensation for voltage stabilization and improved power quality. Moreover, its HVDC power architecture enables connection with renewable energy and energy storage systems (ESS) to lighten the impact on the electricity grid during times of high EV charging demand.

By leveraging its core competence in high-efficiency power electronics and long-term commitment to invest over 8% of its annual revenues into R&D, Delta currently nurtures a team of over 9,500 R&D engineers working in more than 70 R&D centers across the world, including state-of-the-art facilities and talent at Delta Americas’ automotive R&D center in Livonia, MI and at the Delta Power Electronics Lab inside the North Carolina Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC. These resources were instrumental in the development of the 400kW extreme fast EV charger. 

Delta Americas offers a broad spectrum of smart green solutions across EV charging, industrial automation and smart manufacturing, building automation, telecom power, data center infrastructure, renewable energy, energy storage and display, to further the development of smart factories and sustainable cities.

News Source:Delta Electronics