Video Surveillance

Delta’s video surveillance system is widely implemented in industrial zones and mass transportation sites. With video analysis capabilities to give early warning of developing incidents, it further achieves the vision of a smart city.

Delta's video surveillance system has a flexible modular framework, which can quickly customize solutions to meet varied customer needs. We are well versed in integrating video surveillance systems, and follow open interface standards such as RTSP and ONVIF with SCADA and other third-party systems.

Our success stories include airport customs clearance systems featuring facial recognition, highway monitoring systems, MRT communication and video surveillance, tracking detection and automatic image tracking systems, among others.

Solution Introduction

Intelligent Video Central Monitoring Platform


The Intelligent Video Central Monitoring Platform is designed to fulfill all requirements for a remote surveillance management center. It provides capabilities such as realtime video surveillance, remote video retrieval, video matrix display, PTZ camera control, instant event alert and notification, event-positioning on digital map, identity authentication, privilege management, remote device control and maintenance, intercom management, and more. Users can flexibly scale up or down the field deployment of system devices according to actual organizational needs in a multi-tier management structure.

System Introduction

Video Surveillance System


Delta's Video Surveillance System capitalizes on an IP-based video technology that takes a revolutionary step in providing real-time HD imaging in broadband transmission for multi-field surveillance capability of any security events. The overall system is comprised of Network Video Recorder, Disk Array and Stream Transcoding devices to provide distinct features such as: video surveillance, video retrieval, PTZ camera control, intercom, event alert management, event-positioning on a digital map, camera device management, app remote monitoring, centralized privilege management, and more. Maximized with coordinated control from the Central Surveillance Platform, our system can easily achieve the ultimate goal of centralized command and control.


Case Study

MRT Circular Line | Taipei


Video surveillance system monitors the operation control center, metro trains, depots as well as key points on the Circular Line. Realtime surveillance and alarms execute from control center or station offices. Design includes expandability for future MRT lines.

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