Energy Management System

Delta Energy Online is an intelligent energy management platform that provides data-driven energy management tools to help building managers optimize energy and operational efficiency. With Delta Energy Online, building managers can monitor real-time energy data remotely, perform energy consumption diagnosis, and analyze electricity consumption indicators and trends. This helps in formulating energy-saving strategies.

Delta Energy Online provides multi-faceted energy analysis, sends  anomaly alarms to quickly solve problems, and generates customized energy consumption reports.

Delta Energy Online Enterprise Edition is a veritable enterprise-grade energy management platform based on IoT architecture, which can bring around effective management of all energy types to the enterprise, whether it be multiple zones or multiple buildings across different geographical regions.

Solution Introduction

Convenient real-time energy monitoring

  • Supports meters, sensors and operation data, automatically converts raw data into useable information
  • Energy visualization, diagnosis, and analysis based on energy type, energy flow, and region
  • Manages energy data through virtual I/O and grouping

Fast energy consumption analysis and trends

  • Visual analysis to accurately grasp key energy consumption

Anomaly Alert Notification

  • Troubleshoot at the earliest possible time to reduce losses
  • Complete anomaly alarm confirmation and notification mechanism for equipment maintenance and operation reference

Case Study


Delta Dongguan Plant | China


Delta's Dongguan plant has introduced Delta's energy online monitoring system to quickly understand major energy consumption, check on abnormal energy consumption, and propose energy-saving solutions. Introduced in 2012, it saves at least 10% energy every year.

Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology | China


Zhuzhou Times adopted Delta Energy Online to monitor the energy consumption of vulcanizers in their factory, improve energy utilization and reduce equipment idle load heat consumption.

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