Healthy Lighting

Delta provides various solutions for healthy lighting. Many experiments have confirmed that lighting in line with circadian rhythm can not only improve work efficiency but also improve sleep quality. Delta's LED power supply, luminaire manufacturing, and automatic lighting control technology can simulate the changes in natural lighting that conform to circadian rhythms.

In collaboration with USHIO, a major Japanese light source manufacturer, Delta obtained the Care222® light source that effectively disinfects viruses and bacteria on the surface of objects and in the air with UV light harmless to humans. Delta has developed a variety of products suitable for venues such as major hospitals, clinics, and factory offices.

Solution Introduction

Circadian Lighting


Delta's lighting solution complies with the WELL Building Standard to provide a lighting environment that positively affects mood and productivity by stabilizing the circadian rhythm and improving the quality of sleep.

U+ Far-UVC Light Care 222® Solutions


Employs the Care 222® technology from Ushio, a Japanese leader in special light-source technologies, as the best UV disinfection solution. Featuring contact and residuals free sterilization, the series serves as a more effective disinfectant than alcohol by inactivating viruses and bacteria on the surface of objects and in the air, thus delivering better performance for pandemic prevention. In fact, it has been proven to be significantly effective against COVID-19.

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Case Study


Shuang-Lian Elderly Center Phase-1 | New Taipei


The Shuang-Lian Elderly Center installed Delta's BIC luminaires and control systems. A variety of lighting designs create a comfortable lighting environment with 81% energy savings and annual electricity cost savings of NT$500,000.

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Taipei Veterans General Hospital | Taipei


Delta installed Care 222® UVC disinfection lighting in several critical areas at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, including driveway operations, rest areas, supply warehouse, dressing rooms, operating rooms, conference rooms, and staff cafeterias.

Mori Aesthetic Dental Clinic | Taoyuan


The Mori Aesthetic Dental clinic installed Delta Care 222® UVC disinfection lighting at the reception counter, waiting area, and treatment area to periodically inhibit bacteria and disinfect the air with excellent results during the pandemic.