TP02G-AS1/TP04G-AS2 Series

The screen of this series can display two lines / four lines text or message at the same time. It not only has the features of light weight, cost-effective price, good flexibility in use, and easy-to-control operation, but also supports various communication protocols.

Product Introduction

  1. STN LCD 2.8" (TP02G), 3" (TP04G)
  2. 160*32 pixels (TP02G), 128*64 pixels (TP04G)
  3. 256K Flash Memory
  4. TP02 supports 16 multiple function keys
  5. TP04 supports 12 multiple function keys
  6. TP02 supports RS-232 & RS485 ports
  7. TP04 supports RS-232, RS-485/RS422 ports
  8. Provide password protection function


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