Delta Multi-Circuit power meter DPM-MA3222 is an ideal solution to simplify meters deployment and reduce wiring/labor cost in applications with plenty of circuits.

● DIN-Rail mount and LCD Display
● At most able to connect to 8 circuits (3 phases) or 24 circuits (Single phase)
● Supports Modbus RTU protocol. Easy to be applied with SCADA and EMS
● Build-in DI/RO/PO for integration around this meter
● Advanced function for energy management such as harmonics measurement, demand, data record and so on…

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Scalable Multi-Loop Configuration (DPM-MA3222)

  • Scalable Multi-Loop Configuration (DPM-MA3222)
  • Dual main circuits with isolation for connection to different power systems
  • Each main circuit connects 4 subcircuits; configures a total of 8 circuits (three-phase) or 24 circuits (single-phase)
  • Subcircuit can be set to three-phase, single-phase, or three-phase & single-phase modes

Demand Calculation

  • Demand Calculation
  • Defines time intervals (default: 15 mins.)
  • Demand calculation methods: Sliding block / fixed block
  • Calculates the max. demand value / time in each tariff period

I/O Configuration (DPM-MA3222)

  • Various I/O types for control and integration with peripheral devices



One for more circuits to replace plenty of power meters. Especially beneficial in applications with lots of circuit, such as mall, dormitory, telecom power system and data center, where different users are involved in.