DPM-C530 / C530E / C532

Delta’s Advanced Multifunction Meter DPM-C530 series offers precise measurement of various electrical energy values and power quality parameters, including power factor, harmonics, and current / voltage unbalance, and it also provides off-limit alarms and history log functions.

  • Complies with IEC62053-22 Class 0.5S in active energy accuracy
  • Supports Modbus communication and is easy to apply with SCADA and EMS
  • Capable of measuring total harmonic distortion (THD) and individual harmonics up to the 31st order
  • Multi-tariff and demand calculation
  • Digital input / output for peripheral integration

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

High-precision Power Quality and Electricity Parameter Measurement

  • High-precision Class 0.5S bidirectional energy and electricity parameter measurement, complies with IEC 62053 criteria
  • Supports power quality measurement of total / individual harmonic distortion and current / voltage unbalance

Large LCD Screen

  • Dot matrix LCD display with 198 x 160 dots, supports clear reading and display of English (capital and lowercase letters), Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and other languages

Parameter Grouping Function

  • The parameter group contains all needed energy data for master controllers (including PLCs, SCADA and EMS) to acquire and reduce reading time, enhancing real-time data accessibility
  • Combines several discontinuous register addresses to one continuous address, reducing commands to achieve high-efficiency data acquisition of the master controllers (SCADA and PLC)

  • All energy data can be combined as a parameter group for master controllers to acquire and reduce reading time, enhancing real-time data accessibility

Energy Measurement and Alarm History

  • The management software DPMSoft monitors real-time electricity data, and can easily export all history logs
  • Offers energy history logs that can be saved for up to 2 months, and with up to 17 electricity parameters based on various time intervals (example: 17 electricity parameters, 5 minute time intervals for 2 months). 29 built-in alarm events with up to 500 alert history logs

Auto Meter Function

  • Automatically settles monthly energy consumption (with built-in real-time calendar)
  • Adopts a built-in date selected register that records active / reactive energy within a given month interval. Matched with remote communication control or energy management systems, the DPM-C530A can analyze monthly active / reactive energy, multi-rate meter calculation, and conditions of energy usage


  • Automatic measurement & calculation of power consumption during a specific time period
  • Multiple interval groups setting to measure power consumption at different periods of time

Ethernet Communication

  • Dual Ethernet protocols support Modbus TCP
  • Easy serial connection without gateway, no need to occupy communication ports
  • Basic settings and data viewing on web page



  • The DPM-C530 is suitable for: energy management, medium or low voltage distribution systems, smart switch cabinets, energy management systems, factory automation systems, building automation systems, railway energy management systems, electric heating systems, wind power systems, energy storage systems, electric grid measurement, and energy quality analysis