Isolated RS-485/RS-422 Repeater

We replaced IFD8510 with IFD8510-A. The key function is repeating the RS-485/RS-422 differential signals to get longer communication distance than 1200m or more communication nodes than 32 nodes. Moreover, it supports RS-485 half-duplex, RS-422 full duplex and data flow auto-detect and auto-switch.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

  • Detect and configure the communication format automatically
  • Switch-less and fully-isolated design
  • Communication baud rate: up to 115200bps
  1. Power supply: +9V ~ +48VDC
  2. Power consumption: 0.4 W
  3. Insulation voltage: 5,000 VDC
  4. Baud rate: Up to 115200 bps (Auto)
  5. Terminal: 10-pin, accepts AWG1-#12 to #24 wires
  6. Dimensions(L*W*H):4.80*2.79*0.87in (122*71*22mm)
  7. Weight: 133g