MOOVair 01 Wireless Charging System​

Charge Wisely, Charge Wirelessly
The MOOVair 01 Wireless Charging System is a revolutionary, low maintenance, high efficiency product ideal for charging batteries in industrial electric vehicles and AGVs. The sealed electronics and contactless power transfer are especially suitable for use in highly polluted or wet environments.

Product Introduction

Delta has advanced the industrial wireless charging technology through a third-party licensing agreement, leveraging own extensive expertise in power supplies to introduce the cutting-edge MOOVair Wireless Charging System Series. It consists of a primary unit for AC connection and a secondary unit for connection to the vehicle battery. Delta MOOVair 01 Wireless Charging System initiates charging automatically and boasts wall plug to battery efficiency at up to 93%. The built-in CANopen and Ethernet connectivity enables integration with smart warehouse or factory management systems for improved visibility of the charging data. The Delta MOOVair 01  Wireless Charging System is the must-have to smartify your industrial vehicles in the Industry 4.0 era.
Features & Benefits

Contactless Power Transfer

  • No more dirty and worn connectors
  • No more manual plug in and pull out
  • Less downtime and cost of servicing
  • Ideal for dirty and polluted environment

Versatile Charging

  • Charge any battery type
  • Li-ion satisfies high current needs
  • CAN bus available for connecting smart battery or vehicle systems

Easy Integration

  • Share among 24 V and 48 V battery vehicles
  • Compact and low weight for flexible placement
  • AGVs
  • Forklifts
  • Utility vehicles
  • Agriculture


1kW Wireless Charging System EU DoC EN/750KB

1kW Wireless Charging System_Leaflet EN V3.0_Mar.2024