VFD-VJ Series

The Delta Hybrid Servo Drive VFD-VJ Series is designed with AC servo technology to drive hydraulic systems with perfect control of the drive, motor and hydraulic unit.

Product Introduction

  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Hydraulic Machine
  1. Field Oriented Control
  2. Suitable for both synchronous servo motors and asynchronous servo motors
  3. Built-in brake unit
  4. RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) and standard MODBUS communication protocol
  5. Precise current detection for system protection with safety ensured
  6. New software for PC connection allows real time monitoring of AC motor drive status
Structure of a Hybrid Servo System
  1. When pressure and flow instructions are given to the injection molding machine, the Delta VFD-VJ series begins PID calculation simultaneously to attain the actual pressure and speed feedback data, and drive the servo motor and the hydraulic pump. The Delta VFD-VJ series offers you a system with fast response and high duplication accuracy.
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