AX-3 Series Motion CPU

The AX-3 Series Motion CPU adapts the CODESYS platform and supports both motion and logic control applications. It has multiple communication ports and an EtherCAT motion control interface onboard. It also offers motion control function blocks complying with international standards and supports up to 8 real axes. The AX-3 Series Motion CPUs are widely applied in diverse automated equipment used in the woodworking, packaging, printing, labeling, textile, and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • 8 axes EtherCAT motion controller with min. 2 ms synchronization time
  • Adapts the IEC 61131 compliant CODESYS software platform for equipment automation integration
  • Supports AS Series PLC I/O modules and allows flexible scalability
  • Built-in Ethernet (* 2) / RS-485 / RS-232 encoder interfaces to connect various devices at the same time
  • Integrated software platform provides a standardized programming and controller development environment, offering various tools for motion control including PLCopen MC function block, E-CAM editor, positioning planning chart, and many more
  • Supports IEC 61131-3 programming languages for user-friendly configuration, including FBD, LD, ST, SFC, and CFC
  • Supports OPC UA protocol (server), no need for an OPC UA gateway to connect a management system


Woodworking, packaging, printing, textile, and pharmaceutical machines

  1. Motion Control Network
    - AX-308E: EtherCAT (100 Mbps)
  2. Multi-axis synchronization and sync. time: Up to 16 axes (virtual axes, real axes and pulse-train axes combined)
    - 8 axes in 2 ms (max. 8 real axes via EtherCAT)
    - Max. 4 pulse-train axes
  3. E-CAM function
    - Number of E-CAM table: 80
    - Data points of single E-CAM: 256
  4. Program/Performance
    - Program: 8 MB / Symbol (retain): 768 kbps; Symbol (non-retain): 16 MB
    - LD execution time: 5 ns / Arithmetic instructions (LREAL data type): 36 ns
  5. Communication - Programming / serial communication ports: Mini USB (2.0) / RS232 / RS485 - 2 Ethernet ports: Modbus TCP (Server + Client = 32) and EtherNet/IP (Scanner/Adapter, Scanner mode supports up to 8 Adapters)
  6. I/O Interface
    - Built-in 2 incremental encoder interfaces and 1 SSI absolute encoder interface
    - Built-in 6 x 200 kHz high speed counter and 4 x 200 kHz pulse-train output channels
    - Max. I/O: Input 8,192 bytes / Output: 8,192 bytes
    - Module expansion max. 32 (analog modules: max.16)
  7. Built-in Micro SD card slot
  8. Supports RTC function (CR1620 3V battery is required)

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