AX-3 Series Motion CPU

The AX-3 Series Motion CPU adapts the CODESYS platform and supports both motion and logic control applications. It has multiple communication ports and an EtherCAT motion control interface onboard. It also offers motion control function blocks complying with international standards and supports 8 ~ 32 motion axes and 4 ~ 64 point-to-point axes control, widely applied in automation machines in the woodworking, packaging, printing, labeling, textile, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Features & Benefits
AX-3 CODESYS Control System
  • Provides multiple controller solutions
    • EtherCAT motion controllers
      - AX-308E / AX-316E / AX-332E CPU supports up to 8 / 16 / 32 EtherCAT axes (AX-332E min. sync time: 1 ms / 32 axes)
      - AX-304EL / AX-364EL CPUs support up to 4 / 64 EtherCAT axes (Point-to-Point mode)
    • Logical controllers
      - AX-300N / AX-324N CPUs built-in 0 / 24 DIO points
  • Supports AS power, DIO, AIO and temperature expansion modules (max. 32 modules)
  • High performance, min. command execution time: 2 ns
  • Provides various motion commands: position, velocity, torque, multi-axis interpolation, E-gear, E-CAM, and more
  • Built-in 6 ~ 16 DI & 6 ~ 8 DO, incremental encoders, SSI absolute encoder, RS-232 / 422 / 485, Ethernet and EtherCAT interfaces

Highly integrated CPU design
  • The AX-3 motion control CPUs feature various built-in I/O and communication protocols to satisfy customer needs for compact design and high performance

Note: Actual support functions will vary by series
  • Woodworking, packaging, printing, textile, and pharmaceutical machines



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AX-3 Series CPUs
AX-308EA  / AX-316EA  / AX-364EL 

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