AS Series Motion CPU

AS series motion CPU features EtherCAT/CANopen motion control interface and multiple communication ports. It also offers motion control function blocks complying with international standards and synchronizes up to 16/24 real axes in one update cycle. AS series motion CPUs are widely used in diverse automated equipment such as woodworking, packaging, printing, labeling, textile and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 32 axes can be synchronized (including virtual axes)
    - AS516E(EtherCAT): 16 axes/1ms, max. 16 real axes
    - AS524C(CANopen): 4 axes/2ms, max. 24 real axes
  • Offers motion function blocks complying with international standards, supporting Jerk and BufferMode to enable non-stop operation between motion paths
  • Supports encoder axes and virtual axes. No need to purchase additional encoder modules Easy-to-use basic motion control features:
    - Single-axis speed/position/homing/torque control commands
  • Advanced motion features to fulfill complex processing requirements:
    - Electronic gear, electronic cam and rotary cut applications function blocks
    - G code/group axes commands: supports up to 8-axis linear/arc/helical interpolation
  • Supports AS series I/O modules with faster I/O response to CPU
  • Control program compatible with new generation DVP-MC series motion CPU, making effortless platform transition between DVP and AS motion controllers
  • Supports 3-party EtherCAT slaves (AS516E*), allowing a more flexible system structure
    *Note: will be supported in future updates of AS516E

  • Electronics manufacturing, packaging, printing, sealing, wire electrical-discharge machining, pharmaceutical machines, digital board cutting machines, CNC lathe, and more
  1. Motion Control Network:
    - AS516E: EtherCAT (100 Mbps)
    - AS524C: CANopen DSP402 (1 Mbps)
  2. Controllable Axes/Time: Up to 32 axes can be synchronized including virtual axes
    - AS516E(EtherCAT): 16 axes/1ms; max. 16 real axes
    - AS524C(CANopen): 4 axes/2ms, 8 axes/4ms; max. 24 real axes
  3. E-CAM function:
    - Number of E-CAM table: 64
    - Data points of single E-CAM: 2048
  4. Program/Performance:
    - Program: 20 MB; Symbol: 20 MB: G code: 256KB
    - 1GHz high-speed processor supports high-precision computing for 64-bit LREAL data(Double-precision floating-point format)
  5. Communication:
    - Programming/serial communication ports: USB(2.0)/RS232/RS485
    - CANopen port: 1 (DS301 master/slave)
    - Ethernet port: 1 (AS516E) / 2(AS524C); supporting MODBUS TCP (Server/Client) and Ethernet/IP(Adapter)
  6. I/O Interface:
    - Built-in 2 incremental encoder interfaces and 1 SSI absolute encoder interface
    - Onboard I/O: 16DI(supports interrupts) / 8DO
    - Max. I/O: 1,024
    - Module expansion: max. 32 (analog modules: max.16)
  7. Built-in Mini SD card slot
  8. Supports RTC function (CR1620 3V battery is required)


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