Delta Electronics, Inc. Announces 2019-Q2 Financial Results

Delta Electronics, Inc. today announced its 2019-Q2 financial results. Its consolidated revenues were NT$73,374 million, net income after tax was NT$9,530 million, and earnings per share were NT$ 3.67.

In addition, in order to increase management efficiency, reduce administrative cost, and enhance group value chain, Delta Electronics' Board of Directors approved:

The Company owns 94% shareholdings in Delta International Holding Limited (DIH) and 100% shareholdings in Delta Electronics (Netherlands) B.V. (DEN) respectively. DIH proposed to acquire subsidiaries of DEN including 100% shareholdings in Eltek AS, Delta Electronics Holding (USA) Inc. and Delta Controls Inc. and 51% shareholdings in Delta Electronics (Switzerland) AG in exchange for subsidiaries of DIH including 100% shareholdings in Delta Electronics (H.K.) Limited, Delta Greentech SGP Pte. Ltd., Drake Investment (HK) Ltd. and Boom Treasure Limited

News Source:Delta Electronics