Delta Launches the World's First 8K 25,000-lumen DLP® Projector in Japan

TOKYO, Japan, October 9th, 2018 – Delta, a global provider of power and thermal solutions and a pioneer of display technologies, announced today the launch of the world's first 8K 25,000 lumen DLP® projector in Japan, along with Digital Projection International Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Digital Projection"), an associate company of Delta and a global provider of high-caliber display solutions. As one of the pioneers in 8K technology for public broadcasting of major events, Delta has enabled its fully equipped 8K projection showroom, under co-operation provided by Fuji Soft Incorporated, with a 320-inch mega screen at the Akiba Theater located in Akihabara area as a new model to boost local 8K projection business and bring an extraordinary experience to audiences. Customers and partners are welcome to visit the showroom by reservation to enjoy extremely groundbreaking 8K images or test or develop related content, hardware and software for more applications.

The first-of-its-kind Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K leverages Delta's cutting-edge display, power supply and thermal management solutions, and unique algorithm to provide a seamless, industry-leading 33-megapixel resolution image, made it especially for public viewing, broadcasting, planetarium, simulation and visualization applications.

Bruce Cheng, Delta's founder and honorary chairman, said, “Delta is committed to introducing its 8K projector in the Japanese market since the country is actively developing 8K technologies and planning the world's first commercial broadcast in December 2018. Delta's team in Japan has started providing 8K projectors to leading broadcasting providers to support 8K promotion. Our comfortable 8K showroom will serve as a platform for business partners and content talents to nurture the ecosystem for 8K. By the end of 2018, an 8K film on environmental education produced by Delta Electronics Foundation and NHK Enterprises will be presented to the public, to reflect Delta's efforts to advance corporate social responsibility by bringing high-quality environmental images through cutting-edge projection technologies.”

C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics (Japan), said, “The upcoming international sports games in 2020 have brought tremendous business opportunities in Japan for industries to deploy and apply next-generation technologies, such as 5G data transmission and 8K display in various fields. As the infrastructure environment is going to be ready for the public to view ultra-high-definition images spontaneously, customers now are expecting eye-catching content with much brighter, larger, and higher-resolution images for unique information reception experiences or business promotion purposes. Delta has not only fulfilled customers' needs with our latest 8K projectors for applications in public broadcasting, product advertisement, indoor company image display, building façade and more, but also offers a professional and experimental platform for collaboration with 8K hardware, software and content developers by setting up the 8K projection showroom to boost more future business together.”

Kengo-Ka, CEO, Digital Projection said, “Customers today want a viewing experience that reproduces the big screen quality and entertainment at their fingertips. The new 8K projector leverages Delta's eco-friendly laser light source, thermal management and high-efficiency power supply technologies will give users an unforgettable viewing experience while saving power. With this entrant, we are creating a unique segment in the digital projection category. We are confident that the crisp and eye-catching content will satisfy the most discerning users across the world.”

INSIGHT Laser 8K projector provides an ultra-high 8K resolution (7680 X 4320) of 33 million pixels through 25,000 ANSI lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination. The flagship projector is the ultimate solution for the most elaborate medical, scientific and immersive visualization and large venue applications. In addition to the resolution and brightness performance, it uses proven DLP technology incorporating 3x 1.38" DarkChip™ DMD™ chips and Digital Projection's ColorMax™ technology to ensure superb color accuracy and black levels. These are especially vital imaging characteristics when matching projectors in tiled or blended applications.

Delta has collaborated with Digital Projection to design and manufacture the world's first 8K DLP Laser projector. Delta's advanced display technology will be more accessible than ever through the unsurpassed technical expertise of Digital Projection's growing sales and support team.

Note: DLP® and the DLP logo are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments Inc.

News Source:Delta Electronics