Delta Electronics' Consolidated Sales Revenues for October 2015 Totaled NT$18,885 Million

Taipei, Taiwan, November 10, 2015 – Delta Electronics, Inc. today announced its consolidated sales revenues for October 2015 totaled NT$18,885 million, representing a 14 percent increase as compared to NT$16,495 million for October 2014 and an 4 percent decrease as compared to NT$19,682 million for September 2015. The company's cumulative consolidated sales revenues from January to October in 2015 were NT$166,733 million, a 6 percent increase as compared to NT$157,602 million for the same period in 2014.

Percentage of sales for Delta's three main business categories for October 2015:

Power Electronics


Energy Management


Smart Green Life




*The figures have not been audited.

News Source:Investor Services