Delta Recognized with ‘Works With WELL’ Licensing Program for its Building Automation O3 Sensor Hub and UNO Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Delta, a global leader in power management and a provider of IoT-based smart green solutions, today announced that it officially joins ‘Works with WELL’ program for two of its Building Automation products, the UNO Indoor Air Quality Monitor and the Delta Controls O3 Sensor Hub. The licensing program, established by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), underscores that Delta's aforementioned products meet the requirements of the Air and Temperature Sensors based on WELL building standard. It also highlights Delta’s commitment to providing world-class products and solutions to foster healthy and safe buildings.

Xue Ya, President of IWBI Asia, stated, "As a Keystone Member of the IWBI, Delta is an important partner in promoting healthy buildings. The Works with WELL licensing program was launched in 2022 to encourage companies to develop products that conform to WELL HSR. Delta actively participated in the initial discussions. The program of its own products represents Delta's commitment to using building automation technology to create a human-centric approach and play a leading role in global healthy building initiatives. "

Roland Chiang, Deputy Head of Delta's Building Automation Business Group, said, "Delta is dedicated to promoting energy conservation in buildings and expanding into the integration of low-carbon, healthy, and safe elements in building design and construction. We are honored that our products have officially obtained the Works with WELL program, enabling more industry partners to achieve air quality management-related scores in WELL building certification. In the international WELL v2 standard, Delta’s products can help achieve 41 points, and with combined design and management proposals, we can even reach the level of 80 points or above. In the future, we will continue to collaborate with IWBI to promote the development of the healthy building industry."

The two certified products have demonstrated excellent accuracy and provide cloud-based statistical analysis platforms and calibration tools, which are beneficial for customers to achieve scores in categories such as material restrictions (X01.3, X05.1), air quality monitoring and awareness(A08.1), as required for WELL certification. The UNO Indoor Air Quality Monitor can be independently linked to ventilation systems or integrated with central air conditioning. It activates alarms and introduces fresh air to eliminate poor indoor air quality conditions immediately. The comprehensive solution has been implemented in various large-scale public venues such as the Taipei Music Center, as well as residential buildings, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, kindergartens, childcare centers, and commercial office buildings.

Additionally, the O3 Sensor Hub optimizes the automation control functions of rooms based on a human-centric design concept. It integrates multiple sensors, such as temperature, sound, lighting, motion, and occupancy, to analyze user behavior and automatically adjust equipment modes to enhance user experiences. The O3 Sensor has been widely used in smart conference rooms in office buildings.

In 2022, Delta became the first high-tech company in Taiwan to achieve WELL HSR for six of its green buildings, including headquarters in Taipei, Shanghai, and the Americas. Delta integrates various subsystems and equipment within buildings to create healthy, smart, and energy-efficient facilities. The company continues to transform its experience into consulting services and promotes relevant products to contribute to the well-being of the industry.

News Source:Delta Electronics