Delta to Demonstrate its Smart Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing at SEMICON Taiwan 2023 with its U.S.-based Subsidiary Universal Instruments

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management technologies and a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, today starts its three-day showcase at SEMICON Taiwan 2023, along with its U.S.-based subsidiary Universal Instruments. Delta has been dedicated to industrial automation for decades with rich experience in developing Wafer Grinding and Inspection Solutions for the semiconductor front-end process. Leveraging Universal Instruments’ world-class technical prowess, Delta will be showcasing High-Speed, Multi-Die Advanced Packaging equipment for the back-end process.

Andy Liu, general manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG), stated, “The semiconductor industry is the main driver of Taiwan’s economic growth and has made Taiwan a pillar of the global supply chain. In the post-pandemic era, with chip demand soaring, semiconductor manufacturers are facing a significant shortage of tech workers that has resulted in weak productivity. To address these challenges, Delta, together with Universal Instruments, are combining their superior capabilities to deliver smart, high-precision and high-speed solutions to fulfill the diverse demands of our semiconductor customers while guiding the entire semiconductor industry far into the smart manufacturing future.”

During SEMICON Taiwan 2023, Delta is targeting front-end semiconductor manufacturing and demonstrating Wafer Grinding and Inspection Solutions, that include Delta’s Wafer Edge Grinding Machine, Wafer Edge Profile Measurement Machine, Wafer Sorter, and IR Pinhole Inspection Machine to perform wafer grinding processing and edge/defect measurement. For the final and essential stages of IC manufacturing, packaging and testing, the integrated circuit is encapsulated and further proceeds with functionality and performance verification. This year at Delta’s booth, Universal Instruments is showcasing its High-Speed, Multi-Die Advanced Packaging equipment to deliver the ultimate multi-die Advanced Packaging solution.

In addition to the featured exhibits, Delta was invited to give a presentation at the Smart Manufacturing Expo Taiwan where it will introduce “Intelligent System Architectures for Heterogenous Integration Assembly” on September 8 by Glenn Farris, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Universal Instruments. Delta and Universal Instruments cordially welcome press and visitors to come to its booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2023 (booth Q5446, 1F, Hall 2, Nangang Exhibition Center).

During SEMICON Taiwan 2023, Delta will demonstrate exhibits, including:

  • Front-End Process: Wafer Grinding & Inspection
A wafer is sliced from a silicon ingot and used as a base for the integrated circuits fabrication. Through the grinding process, the sliced wafer is polished by a grinding wheel to prevent cracked wafer edges. Delta is introducing its Wafer Edge Grinding Machine Solution, which provides a two-station grinding stage to perform loading, unloading, and grinding all at the same time. The solution features a fast wheel replacement function for simple, convenient changing. With the integration of exclusive imaging technology, the grinding machine precisely adjusts the grinding wheel position and ensures grinding quality before/after processing to help enhance production efficiency and equipment utilization. Through Delta’s Wafer Edge Profile Measurement Machine Solution, the notch, flat length, and edge shape of the ground wafer are measured in non-contact and non-destructive modes. The solution also adopts Delta’s self-developed roughness measurement and Edge AOI modules to detect wafer quality and defects, enhancing productivity and competitiveness. In addition, Delta’s IR Pinhole Inspection Machine Solution inspects wafer defects and manages quality control with an optical auto-light adjustment function that performs adaptive optics techniques based on thicknesses and resistances. After inspection, the Wafer Sorter Solution classifies product types at a high speed and supports a one-click switch for quick changeover.
  • Back-End Process: Advanced Packaging
Universal Instruments has developed the High-Speed Wafer Feeder (HSWF), a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates with the FuzionSC™ Platform to deliver the ultimate multi-die Advanced Packaging solution. The FuzionSC™ Platform supports the broadest range of feeding devices and can place high-accuracy active/passive components on any substrate. Coupled with the HSWF, the equipment is capable of feeding unique wafer types at once and is equipped with a wafer expander and automatic loading/unloading device that is suitable for various applications requiring advanced packaging technology.

News Source:Delta Electronics