Delta Attends COP27 UN Climate Change Conference
and Hosts Official Side Event to Share its Solutions for Islands’ Power Grid Resilience and its Coral Restoration Initiatives

Delta today announced its participation at the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. This year, Delta will host an official side event, participate in the Action Hub section of the Conference, and have a booth in the COP27 Blue Zone to share with delegations from around the world its solutions and initiatives, which help ensure power grid resilience and coral restoration for islands. Through video demonstration of these events, it will not only show a success case in which Delta’s energy storage system stabilized the power grid of Orchid Island, but also the achievements of a coral restoration project launched on Delta's 50th anniversary. In the press conference today in Taipei, Delta’s representatives also shared first-hand observations from COP27.

Shan Shan Guo, Vice Chairperson of the Delta Electronics Foundation, said, “Delta continuously innovates to create solutions capable of helping mankind achieve its sustainability goals. As an official observer at the UNFCCC, Delta Electronics Foundation has participated in the COP for 15 consecutive times and has hosted or participated in 16 events to share its solutions for carbon emissions reduction and climate adaptation to the world. At this year’s side event, we will discuss energy transition with local authorities of two islands of Spain. In the face of climate disasters, Delta developed an energy storage solution to strengthen the resilience and reduce the carbon footprint of Orchid Island’s electricity grid. In the Action Hub, Delta will share the adaptation methods for successfully restoring about a thousand of corals, which respond to an ocean restoration program that the host country, Egypt, is planning to launch. We will also discuss key issues, such as maintenance of marine biodiversity and development of blue carbon with representatives from the partnership for observation of global ocean (POGO), the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), and experts from the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.”

Paul Ai, Senior Director of Delta's Energy System Solutions Division, said, “Extreme weather events often interrupt islands’ independent power grids, which certainly becomes a major challenge for local governments. Delta’s energy storage systems in Kinmen Island and in Orchid Island have enabled the grids to provide power within 0.2 seconds to prevent a disruption from occurring.  We will share these milestones with representatives from the international climate community and islands’ authorities so that they eventually provide highly resilient and eco-friendly decentralized power grid solutions to their communities.”

Wim Chang, CEO of the Delta Electronics Foundation, said, “If global warming increases by 1.5°C, 70% to 90% of corals would disappear. Therefore, Delta will share the achievements of our coral restoration collaboration project with experts from the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, and non-government conservation groups to exchange views on how to restore corals with technologies, including the coral nursery equipment jointly developed by Delta and our partners to quickly restore coral ecosystems threatened by ocean warming.”

In addition to reviewing various countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), COP27 will focus on the discussions on the loss and damage mechanism for vulnerable countries. The Delta Electronics Foundation has participated in the COPs for several years and has shared the latest negotiation trends and carbon reduction knowledge with its stakeholders in order to accelerate the development of solutions that help mitigate the environmental impact caused by climate change.

News Source:Delta electronics