Delta’s Cartesian Robot Coating Solution Optimizes Efficiency and Helps Accomplish Mixed-line Production

Dispensing and coating are common for PCBs, daily necessities, toy manufacturing and woodworking applications. Traditionally, the dispensing process is a manual operation with fixed positioning that usually takes a long time and offers low flexibility. With the idea of smart manufacturing gaining traction, the industry cares more about product quality and production efficiency than ever before. Since traditional dispensing no longer meets requirements, Delta is introducing the Cartesian Robot Coating Solution with a simple structure and high precision to improve the process and overcome shortcomings for productivity and efficiency enhancements.

Different from previous methods of fixed operation, Delta’s Cartesian Robot Coating Solution places the workstation on the line with an industrial camera to identify the feature points for dispensing and then completes the process with the conveyor tracking function (CVT). Without waiting at the fixed position, the solution effectively shortens the cycle time and increases production efficiency. Moreover, the solution employs products with mature designs that users can quickly implement in their plants.

Delta’s Cartesian Robot Coating Solution is a one-stop solution integrating all Delta products, including the dispensing software. The software supports DXF file import and photographing path parsing to generate the dispensing paths. In terms of the hardware, the solution integrates the Robot Controller with Servo Drive ASDA-MS Series, Machine Vision DMV Series, and AC Servo Motor ECMA Series for high stability, and offers intuitive built-in industrial interfaces for quick adoption. The solution also supports secondary editing of dispensing path parameters to optimize production. More importantly, Delta’s Cartesian Robot Coating Solution can produce seven different products simultaneously and change parameters according to the product types to accomplish mixed-line production.

Delta’s Cartesian Robot Coating Solution brings the following benefits:

  • One-stop solution to stabilize production with higher product quality
The solution employs a complete set of Delta’s products with high integration for smooth moves, accurate positioning, product quality, and simple maintenance accountability. In addition, the system design is mature for fast replication and implementation.
  • Integrated drive-control system to increase space utilization with faster communications
The solution features simple wiring to reduce implementation costs and close to control kernel communications that provide fast responses for information handshaking and process movements.
  • Intuitive interfaces to reduce adoption time and costs
With the built-in intuitive parameter interfaces, users do not need to develop systems themselves, which helps save solution adoption time and related costs.

While dispensing and coating are widely applied in the production of various products, adopting Delta’s Cartesian Robot Coating Solution is beneficial for efficiency and productivity enhancement and lower production costs. The solution can also help accomplish mixed-line production for manufacturers to achieve smart production line transformation.

News Source:IABG MKT