Delta’s Servo Press Delivers Superior High-precision and High-quality Pressing Processes

A press performs sheet metal machining using pressure with dies for blanking, piercing, forming, stretching, trimming, riveting, and squeezing processes. Presses are widely applied in multiple fields and are critical for metal part manufacturing and automotive industries.

The most common presses are mechanical presses that drive sliders with flywheels to press and process using sine curves. However, mechanical presses tend to offer unstable quality, and are unable to meet the requirements of complex metal forming without linking multiple machines or applying progressive dies. Moreover, mechanical presses are usually large and heavy in tonnage and come with high production costs and many limitations for loading and unloading.

To solve the pain points of traditional presses, Delta has leveraged its extensive experience and product advantages in the industrial automation field and has introduced the Delta Servo Press, which drives the slider directly with the motor. Using the Hot Swappable Mid-range PLC AH Series and the Heavy Duty Vector Control Drive CH2000, the Servo Press precisely controls the motor’s rotations and torques and the pressing speeds and force of the sliders. Slider curve planning is based on the mainstream industrial trend of electronic cam curves. In addition, users can monitor press information in real-time during the operation and input production parameters using the Advanced Human Machine Interface DOP-112WX for accurate and stable production. Delta’s Servo Press also features a built-in power regeneration mechanism with the Active Front End AFE2000 for higher power factor and lower harmonic distortion to reduce energy consumption and save electricity.

Delta’s Servo Punch Press brings the following benefits to customers:

  • Reduces the defect rate and stabiizes product quality
Delta’s Servo Press features a pressure-retaining function for deeper press, fewer creases, and less breakage caused by pressing. Heating in dies also significantly increases the yield rate of magnesium-alloy processing.
  • Decreases pressing numbers and saves production costs
With the adoption of Delta’s Servo Press, manufacturers do not need to reprocess or apply costly progressive dies for complex forming. They can use plain dies to press with fewer processing numbers and reduce production time and costs.
  • Completes multiple processes with a single machine to reduce implementation costs
Delta’s Servo Press is multi-functional in that it can accomplish a wide range of machining tasks, such as pressing, blanking, and stretching. Users do not need to implement multiple machines for different press machining tasks, which helps shorten production lines, reduce procurement and maintenance costs, and optimize plant utilization.

Delta’s Servo Press possesses advantages in line with developing trends in the press industry for high-precision and high-quality manufacturing. Adopting Delta’s Servo Press is not only a machine upgrade, but it offers a complete transformation for the whole production line with broad benefits that shorten production, reduce costs, stabilize quality, and enhance company competitiveness.

News Source:IABG MKT