Delta Integrates Dual-arm Control with Machine Vision System for Complex PCB Assembly

Robots are widely applied in repetitive and dangerous operations to ensure safety and allow operators to work on processes of higher value. As technology advances, we have started to elevate the requirement for industrial robot precision and the level of automation. Robots that only process objects of the same shapes and at fixed positions no longer meet industry standards. Robotic solutions have begun to integrate machine vision and dual-arm manipulation. 

With machine vision, a robot can precisely position and perform dynamic tracking. It can also identify objects of different shapes and generate paths via algorithms to perform random pick-and-place, glue dispensing and many other processing methods. When dual-arm manipulation is combined, the solution requires perfectly integrated systems, precise vision calibration and complex programming in addition to hardware performance. 

Delta has developed a dual-arm SCARA assembly solution for a customer in New Taipei City, Taiwan. During the assembly process, one arm picks up the PCB and moves it to an ion gun for cleaning and static elimination. The other arm picks up a module and moves it to a nozzle to remove grease on its surface. Finally, it delivers the module for screw fastening. During this process, one arm screws and the other one supports the product to avoid slippage. The solution leverages the programming tool Node-RED for visualization to simplify the development process.

The solution adopts the Delta Screw Driving Robot RS Series and the SCARA Robot DRS Series, which can monitor pressing force, screwing turns and status. Combined with multi-speed settings and precise motion control, the robots effectively reduce damage to products. The Delta Machine Vision DMV3000G Series facilitates AOI inspection of surface stains to ensure processing quality. For motion control, the Delta Robotic Automation Studio DRAStudio supports the programming tool Node-RED to develop dual-arm control with an intuitive interface. 

Delta’s dual-arm SCARA assembly solution brings the following benefits to the customer: 

Well-integrated robot control and machine vision solution allows easy tuning and maintenance
It takes just a few clicks to complete a coordinate conversion between the robot arm and the machine vision system and re-calibrate points. The Delta SCARA Robot DRS Series is equipped with a 2nd generation teaching box for easy and intuitive point teaching. 

Optimized operation and enhanced product quality
The Delta Machine Vision DMV3000G delivers high-precision and standardized AOI inspection to prevent stains left by operations, which may lead to reworks that waste resources. 

Simplified programming and intuitive development
The Delta Robotic Automation Studio DRAStudio supports intuitive programming via Node-RED. The robot handshake module can be used directly without programming on the host each time. It also allows developing action flow for two robots within a single interface to optimize design.

Delta’s dual-arm SCARA assembly solution integrates its own SCARA robot, screw driving robot, machine vision and IPC for a solution that delivers excellent performance. The robotic operation software also simplifies complicated programming with a visualized interface. The solution enables the customer to achieve precise dual-arm manipulation and high quality inspection with easy tuning and maintenance. 

News Source:IABG MKT Dept.