Delta Electronics, Inc’s Board of Directors Proposes
2021 Profit Distribution of NT$5.5 per Share

Delta Electronics, Inc. today held a meeting of the Board of Directors, at which the Board adopted a proposal recommending the distribution of profit for the year 2021, approved financial results for the year 2021, and scheduled the Company's 2022 regular Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

Key resolutions approved by the Board were:

  1. - The Company’s financial results for the year 2021, in which consolidated sales revenues were NT$314,671 million, net income after tax was NT$26,796 million, and earnings per share were NT$10.32.
  1. - Earnings distribution for the year 2021 proposed by the Board is NT$5.5 cash per share (NT$5,500 cash dividend per 1,000 shares)
- The Company's regular shareholders' meeting is scheduled for 2022/6/14 (Tuesday) at the 8F Auditorium, No.16, Tungyuan Road, Chungli District, Taoyuan City. The registration of title transfer of common shares will be suspended from 2022/4/16 to 2022/6/14 inclusively.

- The issuance of domestic unsecured ordinary corporate bonds and/or sustainable bonds for an aggregate amount not exceeding NT$50,000 million to support capital expenditures, repay debt, replenish working capital, and other medium and long-term funding needs.

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