Delta Linear Pocket Actuator Pick and Place Solution - A Whole New Level of Precise Production

In the modern world everyone utilizes multiple smart devices on a daily basis. We communicate and do all sorts of things using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. For almost all of them there is a standard component: a camera. People record personal moments using the cameras on their smartphones, scan QR codes for access to information, and make more videocalls than ever before due to the pandemic. The importance of the camera goes without saying.

A regular smartphone camera is usually made of numerous groups of lenses clustered in front of image sensors. These lenses tend to be tiny and very fragile, so it’s a huge challenge for manufacturers to avoid damaging them during the production process. In the past, a traditional lens assembling machine is driven by a cylinder that provides relatively unstable pushing pressure during pick and place. The deviation that results can easily cause material damage. Even though later machinery adapted a U-shaped linear motor for the pick and place procedure, the pushing pressure would still gradually deviate from the setting due to temperature rises and cause damage to materials. The U-shaped linear motor product does not include the surrounding operational structure such as a slide rail. Manufacturers would have to design and build it themselves according to their own needs, which takes both time and space.

To improve the precision and efficiency of the lens assembly process, Delta created the Linear Pocket Actuator Pick and Place Solution. The key advantage of this solution features the Delta Linear Pocket Actuator, combined with the AC Servo System’s customized development platform for precise pick & place, and press motion. The customized development platform enables an instant switch between position, velocity, and torque mode, as well as soft-landing, and pick & place motion planning. It enhances the whole operational speed and efficiency while achieving precise control of suction and lens assembly.

Delta’s Linear Pocket Actuator Pick and Place Solution employs the PC-Based Motion Controller MH2 Series and the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A3 Series with a built-in customized development platform to plan and control the soft-landing function of the Linear Pocket Actuator LPL Series. The solution enables precise control of pushing pressure and speed so as to avoid material damage and to further enhance production efficiency.

 Delta’s Linear Pocket Actuator Pick and Place Solution brings the following benefits:

  • Supports Multiple Communication Protocols:
Delta’s Linear Pocket Actuator Pick and Place Solution is equipped with the PC-Based Motion Controller MH2 Series, which features a compact design for simple installation and application. For communications, aside from supporting Modbus communication for easy connection and control over peripheral devices, it also supports EtherCAT communication, which is capable of updating data from up to 100 stations within 1ms and offers synchronous motion control of 64 axes. Additionally, by supporting the machine vision system, it enables the suction nozzle to detect the vertical distance to materials and to determine quality.
  • Built-in Customized Development Platform:
This solution adopts the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A3 Series to support linear motors and has a built-in customized development platform which enables instant mode switching according to the suction nozzle’s position. It also provides a customized programming development function for a wide range of applications.

  • Soft-Landing Motion Control:
This solution utilizes the Linear Pocket Actuator LPL Series with a customized development platform to achieve precise pick & place movements, while securing fragile materials from breaking. Apart from that, the motor also features a modular design that integrates the magnet, induction coil, and the slide rail into one single unit. A single motor unit has a thickness of only 12mm, which allows easy installation. It also has an optical linear encoder with resolution up to 4nm.

Delta’s Linear Pocket Actuator Pick and Place Solution not only guarantees the safety of the delicate lenses during the manufacturing process, but also enhances the production efficiency and quality. The solution is highly compatible and can develop a wide range of applications according to customer needs.

News Source:IABG MKT