Delta Electronics, Inc. Statement

Delta Electronics, Inc., has recently received customer inquiries about whether the companies listed in the following table are Delta Electronics' subsidiaries or affiliated companies registered in Hong Kong. One of the company's directors even uses the legal address of Delta's subsidiary in mainland China. This has obviously caused an impact on Delta. In order to avoid confusion and protect the rights and interests of customers and partners, Delta solemnly declares as follows:

1. The three listed companies are not Delta Electronics subsidiaries or affiliates, and Delta Electronics does not have any partnership with them.
2. Delta Electronics has entrusted lawyers from Mainland China and Hong Kong to take relevant legal actions.
3. If you have any doubts about this statement and need Delta Electronics to provide relevant assistance, please contact us directly through the following official windows:
Taipei Louis:+886 2 87972088 ext. 5210
Shanghai Brian:+86 769 86639008 ext. 5020

Hereby declared.

News Source:Delta Electronics, Inc.