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Delta Displays is a pioneer in developing professional display system solutions. Our state-of-the-art control room visualization solutions are equipped with all the latest technologies, and packaged to meet vertical market needs.

Delta offers a wide array of display technologies including: rear projection DLP video walls, super thin-bezel LCD video walls, and high-resolution indoor/outdoor LED displays along with a suite of options for wall management.

Control rooms are the nerve center of any major operation. They must have a tight grip ­on the situation at all times – and to do so, they need clear, precise, accurate information. All this information needs to be continuously monitored, comprehended and acted upon. And, more often than not, the control room runs around the clock.

■ Delta's high resolution large screen displays are the back bone of thousands of command and control centers around the globe. They have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding control room environments and have become a vital tool for collaborative monitoring and decision making.

■ And LED displays solution is for a large format indoor and outdoor full colour, full motion dynamic real life like content display overcoming the challenges of viewing distance catering to large audiences than any other display. A rugged display that can withstand the testing bright ambient and weather conditions.
Flexible Front & Rear Access
Optimized installation and operation costs
High energy efficiency Design
Auto color and brightness system
Browser/Server Architecture
Intelligent monitor and control system
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  ODOT Traffic Management Operations Center  
  Guangdong Broadcast Control Rooms  
  Conference & Boardroom  
  Mobile Communications Corporation  
  Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex  
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