Renewable Hybrid Power System

RenD InD 17400-48

Renewable Hybrid Power System - RenD InD 17400-48

Delta’s new RenE series InD RenE-InD 17400-48 renewable-hybrid solution provides the network site power with any combination of AC grid and diesel generator power with renewable solar or wind energy sources. The InD RenE-InD 17400-48 is based on Delta InD cabinet.

The system includes automatic transfer switch (ATS) for AC-grid/Genset input, rectifiers (option), solar converters, power distribution unit for solar and wind power, load and battery connections. Depending on the power, backup and battery life time requirement the system is expandable with battery cabinets.The Delta controller is responsible for the energy and site infrastructure management and supervision.The fully integrated solution and careful energy management minimize the waste of energy during the day / night energy cycling process.

RenE secures reliable power supply even in remote and rural areas. It is energy efficient and OPEX optimized solu-tion ensures lower CO2 emissions.
Power up to 17,4 kW, high power density
Renewable green energy by wind and solar power
Cyclic battery discharge for genset fuel efficiency
Delta controller for ultimate energy management and site control
3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line
Remote areas with difficult site access
Fact Sheet
Grid Input Voltage (nominal): 3 x 230VAC(L-N); 3L, N, PE
Grid Input Voltage (range): 88 - 300VAC
Grid Input Frequency: 45 - 66Hz
Generator Input Voltage (nominal): 3 x 230VAC(L-N); 3L, N, PE
Generator Input Current Nominal / Phase: 32ARMS
Renewable Input Connection: 6 feeds 50A
Renewable Input Voltage Range: 60-150VDC
Renewable Input Current Max / Pole: 48ADC
Output Rectifier Power: 17.4kW max
Output Solar Power: 6 x 4.3kW peak
Output Voltage Range: 42 - 58VDC; 53.5VDC nom
Battery MCB: 1 - 4 x 80 - 300A
Batt-capacity Basic Cabinet: 1200Ah
Batt-capacity Expansion Cabinet: 3600Ah
Ambient Temperature: -45 to +45°C(-49 to + 113°F)
Safety: IEC/EN 60950
EMC: EN 300 386
Protection: ETS 300 019 Part 1-4
Environment: RoHS

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