Outdoor Telecom Power System

ESOF001-EAB Series

Outdoor Telecom Power System - ESOF001-EAB Series

The Delta Outdoor cabinet is the choice from the tropics to the arctic when space is scarce or site density needs to be increase cost-effectively.

The Delta Outdoor series offers several size options, ensuring right dimensions for telecom equipment. A flexible con-figuration is the way to tailor solutions for your demand, and our Outdoor cabinets offer and option to build the whole base station inside. Wall options are with multi- or single-layer, and multi lock mechanism completes the protection of installed equipment.

Advanced thermal cooling enables remarkable savings both in capital and operational expenditures.
High efficient modular HEX (heat exchanger) cooling
Multiple stage linear fans speed control
Anti-corrosion material is applied for HEX core. (meets GR-487-CORE 720hrs heavy salt fog test)
Option for enhanced monitoring and controlling
Any Delta power system built-in; DC or AC, battery backup design
Flexible configuration of cable glands
3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line
Fact sheet
Dimensions (W x H x D): 790 x 2000 x 650mm (31.10 x 78.74 x 25.59in) (w/o external cooling units)
Weight: approx. 76kg (167.58Ib) (empty cabinet, w/o HEX)
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50ᵒC (14 to +122 ᵒF )
Storage Temperature: -20 to +65ᵒC (-4 to +149 ᵒF )
Cooling: HEX
Environment: RoHS

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