Outdoor Telecom Power System

ESOA050-HEA Series

Outdoor Telecom Power System - ESOA050-HEA Series

EOSA050-HEA Series combines high efficiency rectifiers, intelligent controller and adaptable PDUs and Li-ion battery, performing in high level in a robust enclosure.

Besides well protected by IP55 class enclosure, highly flexible thermal system such as fan cooling, HEX cooling, air conditioner or heater can overcome different environmental challenges, that is not only the battery life can be lengthened, but also the sensitive system can work in a perfect condition.
Power system with maximum 2 rectifier slots for N+1
3U housing space for telecoms equipment
48V/50Ah Li-ion Battery
4G LTE / 5G
Cable TV
Fact sheet
Input Rated Voltage: 1Φ2W 100/200VAC
Input Voltage Range: 100/200VAC ±10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz ±5%
Output Rated Voltage: -54.0VDC
Output Voltage (adjustable range): -42 to -58VDC
Power Capacity: 2900W (200VAC Input), 1500W (100VAC Input)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 630 x 610 x 530mm (24.80 x 24.01 x 20.86in)
Weight: approx. 84kg (185Ib) (Fan Cooling), approx. 88kg (194Ib) (HEX Cooling), approx. 97kg (213Ib) (Air Conditioner)
Operating Temperature: -20 to +45 ᵒC (-4 to +113 ᵒF), -20 to 0 ᵒC (-4 to +32 ᵒF) with heater
Storage Temperature: -40 to +70 ᵒC (-40 to +158 ᵒF)
Cooling: Fan cooling or HEX Cooling or Air Conditioner
Environment: RoHS

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