Indoor Telecom Power System

DPS 3000 Series

Indoor Telecom Power System - DPS 3000 Series

DPS 3000 Series is the power system playing the leader role in Telecom industry and Data center application with 200A of the power for 48V system. It is modular, expandable and can be easily installed in 19-inch enclosure, also with high cost-performance ratio and gorgeous efficiency all rolled into one, that is, your one of a kind energy core.

To maintain all aspects of the power performance, working perfectly at extremely high efficiency up to 98.0% and keeping low consumption, not to mention the ultra-leading power density, makes DPS 3000 Series the extraordinary green design and the savior of reducing CO2.

Relying on the advanced real time monitoring mechanism and comprehensive battery management, ensuring prevention before problems and lengthening the battery life can reach each component’s full potential in a compact 4U shelf and generate savings in OPEX.
Leading Efficiency 98.0%
Perfect Integration with Delta Outdoor Enclosure
Compact Design 19" 4U System
Remote Monitoring Interface
Battery Management System
3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line
Fact sheet
Input Voltage (nominal): Single phase; 220VAC; 3W (L, N, FG)
Input Voltage (range): 90 - 300VAC; De-rating ≤ 184VAC (Line - Neutral)
Frequency: 45 - 65Hz
Output Voltage (nominal): -48VDC
Output Voltage (default): -54VDC
Output Voltage (adjustable range): -42 to -58VDC
Maximum Power @ nominal Input: 12kW
Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 178 x 310mm (17.3 x 7.0 x 12.2in)
Weight: approx. 16kg (35.27Ib) (without rectifier)
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50ᵒC (14 to +122 ᵒF )
Storage Temperature: -40 to +75 ᵒC (-40 to +167 ᵒF)
Environment: RoHS

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