Indoor Telecom Power System

ESAA2200-HAA Series

Indoor Telecom Power System - ESAA2200-HAA Series

Delta Indoor System is the solution for the challenge, and the almighty ESAA2200-HAA Series is the typical representative with providing 2200A of the power for -48V DC and 230V AC system.

In a pair of 600*600 footprint robust cabinets, besides offering superb power service, ESAA2200-HAA Series interior configuration is flexible to meet several kinds of demands.
Leading Efficiency 96.4% for DC
24 / 7 Monitroing and Control
Up to 44 Rectifier Slots
DC and AC Output
3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line
Fact sheet
Input Voltage (nominal): 3Φ5W (L1, L2, L3, N, PE); VL-L: 380VAC; VL-N: 220VAC
Input Voltage (range): 90 - 300VAC; De-rating ≤ 176VAC (Line - Neutral) VL-L: 380/400/415 (±20%); VL-N: 220/230/240 (±20%)
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz ±5%
Output Voltage (nominal): -54VDC & 220VAC
Output Voltage (default): -54VDC & 220VAC
Output Voltage (adjustable range): -43 to -58VDC & 220VAC to 240VAC
Maximum Power @ nominal Input: 127.6kW
Dimensions (W x H x D): 600 x 2000 x 600mm (23.62 x 78.74 x 23.62in) each bay
Weight: approx. 340kg (750lb) (rectifier excluded)
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 ᵒC (+32 to +122 °F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to +75 ᵒC (-40 to +167 °F)
Environment: RoHS

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