Indoor Telecom Power System

CabD 3000

Indoor Telecom Power System - CabD 3000

Persuading for cost effective and energy saving goals, Delta Indoor Power System is the solution for the challenge, and the almighty CabD 3000 Series is the typical representative with providing from 1000 A to over 10000 A power for 48V system.

Due to the battery health management and the trustworthy monitoring mechanism, the battery condition is under your control and you can manage the whole system in a laid back way no matter where you are.
Scalable power system up to 144 kW per cabinet and max 768 kW parallel applications
Perfectly integrated with Delta Telecom Power system controller
Light Weight Plug-in Modules for Simple Installation and Maintenance
3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line
Fact Sheet
Input Configuration: 3L + PE (DPR 6000B-48 based), 3L + N + PE (DPR 4000B-48 ver)
Input Voltage (range): 400 VRMS (L-L), 230 VRMS (L-N)
Frequency: 45 - 66Hz
Output Voltage (nominal): 53.5 VDC
Output Voltage (default): 48 VDC
Weight: 100 to 300kg (220.46 to 661098lb)
IP Protection: IP 20
Operating Temperature: -25 to +45 ᵒC (-13 to +113 ᵒF)
Storage Temperature: -40 to +80 ᵒC (-40 to +176 ᵒF)
Environment:RoHS, ETSI EN 300 019-1-3
Safety Standard, IEC 60950

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