Indoor Telecom Power System

CabD 600

Indoor Telecom Power System - CabD 600

CabD is Delta’s robust indoor cabinet developed for telecom power systems. The number 600 defines the maximum current carrying capacity of cabinet bus bars. A complete system includes high efficiency rectifiers, AC and DC connections, battery connection and the advanced Delta controller.

Delta is known for quality and product reliability – in this solution that has been combined to optimize the total cost of ownership.
Scalable power system up to 600 A
Truly modular building blocks
Enhanced monitoring and controlling with Delta controller
3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line
Fact Sheet
Input AC configuration: 3L + PE (DPR 6000B-48 based), 3L + N + PE (DPR 2900B/4000B)
Input Voltage (range): 400 VRMS (L-L), 230 VRMS (L-N)
Frequency range: 45 - 66Hz
Output Voltage (nominal): 53.5 VDC
Output Voltage (default): 48 VDC
Dimensions: 600 x 1800 x 600mm (23.6 x 70.86 x 23.6in) 600 x 2000 x 600mm (23.6 x 78.74 x 23.6in) 600 x 2200 x 600mm (23.6 x 86.61 x 23.6in)
Weight: 60 - 100 kg(132.27 to 220.46lb)
IP Protection:IP 20
Operating Temperature: -25 to +45 ᵒC (-13 to +113 ᵒF)
Storage Temperature: -40 to +80 ᵒC (-40 to +176 ᵒF)
Environment: RoHS
Safety standard: IEC 60950
EMC standard: EN 300 386

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