DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite

DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite

DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite - DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite

Delta’s DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite is an integrated engineering software package designed to simplify and reduce the time required for the setup process in machinery systems. Tasks such as product selection (Delta’s HMIs, PLCs, servo drives and motors, AC motor drives), PLC programming, quantitative parameter setting, machine tuning and HMI integration can all be executed smoothly on one platform with DIAStudio’s key tools:

- DIASelector: Provides a PC (Windows) and APP-based (Android) mechanism for quick product selection in the machine system.

- DIADesigner: Users can export the selected product data to the globally-adopted CAD software EPLAN for project planning and configuration, and import the configured data to DIADesigner for programming, parameter settings, tuning and project management.

- DIAScreen: A tool to achieve tag sharing between PLCs and HMIs/text panels and complete operation interface settings.

  DIASelector - Quick product selection
Web (Windows) and mobile app (Android) versions available
Smart product selection wizard for quick model selection by specs., patterns and key words
Product catalog download
Data sharing with EPLAN
Cloud data sharing
  DIADesigner - Integrated engineering platform
Manages multiple products in one project:
- PLCs / AC servo drives / AC motor drives
Project management interfaces:
- Basic View for beginners
- Advantage View for advanced users
- Compliant with IEC 61131-3 standards
Intuitive network and hardware configuration
Commission: Oscilloscope / Parameter / Servo Tuning
  DIAScreen - Visualized editor
Tag sharing between projects on DIADesigner
Integrates HMI and text panel software functions and operation interfaces for a consistent user experience
Automated equipment: electronics manufacturing, labeling, food packaging, and textile machines
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