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  Frequently Asked Questions

Besides monitoring the normal status of a servo system, what other information does the ASDA-Soft oscilloscope channel menu provide?

How do I connect the Basic DI/DO Relay Multifunction Power Meter DPM-C501L Series to the programming software DPMsoft via the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless AP DVW Series?

How should users set up the SMS function in the Industrial Energy Management System DIAEnergie?

How should users wire the Power Regenerative Unit REG Series?

Do Delta’s CNC Controllers support linear scale connection for the feedback function?

How many speed-mode registers are there in Delta’s AC Servo Drive, and how do I set them up?

How do users set up time intervals and saving intervals when using the Multifunctional Power Meter’s programming software DPMSoft?

How do I use “History Variable Group” to save strings into the database of SCADA?

How do I set up a variable’s name beginning with a number via the ISPSoft programming software?

Q: How do I set up the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series via the programming software ASDA-Soft?

How can customers use the SCADA system to set up the Delta Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series to take photos and output results?

How to set up the batch counting of the Timer/Counter/Tachometer CTA Series?

How many sets of temperature sensors are there in Delta’s Vector Control Drive C2000 Series? What are the model names of these temperature signal registers?

A client bought a Delta AC Servo Drive ASDA-A3 Series, but would like to use the ASDA-A2’s tuning method to set up the new device. What instructions should he/she follow for this set up?

How does the Delta Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 and Human Machine Interface (HMI) DOP-B Series conduct data exchange?

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