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  Delta Realizes Fully Automated Soldering with Its Industrial Robot Solution
Soldering is one of the oldest forms of metal working known to man. While historically used to make jewelry items, cooking ware and tools, today, the most frequent application of soldering is assembling electronics components. Traditional electronics manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry. Many processes that require a large amount of direct labor, such as soldering, are having difficulty meeting today’s production trends of high performance and high efficiency. To solve the issues of increasing labor costs, inflexible production processes, and low efficiency, electronics manufacturing industries have started integrating automatic machines with other production equipment to replace manual work with robots. This not only shortens production time and saves labor costs, but also enhances production flexibility and increases profit for manufacturers.

To fulfill today’s manufacturing needs, Delta has focused on improving production capabilities, starting with our own production lines. Thanks to over two decades of experience in industrial automation, we have been able to upgrade our production capabilities on a worldwide scale. Case in point, Delta recently provided a robotic soldering solution to plants in both India and Slovakia, significantly increasing their production capabilities.

This soldering solution integrates Delta’s SCARA robot and control system to achieve fully automated precise soldering. The process begins with the production layouts being exported to the controller of the soldering machine solution, the Delta Robot Controller DCS Series with integrated servo drive. Secondly, the controller controls Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS Series to perform precise multi-point soldering. Users can program the robot via pads, personal computers or touchscreen teaching pendants for easy and simple operation. Finally, through Delta’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) DOP-100 Series, operators and managers can get direct feedback from the machine, simplifying the process of system diagnosis and maintenance.

In actual application, Delta’s soldering machine solution brings the following advantages:

• Highly efficient performance: The Robot Controller DCS Series combines robotic control and drive functions. It not only delivers accurate motion control for the SCARA robot, but also enhances real-time system calculation performance. This design perfectly fulfills the demands of today’s industrial robots complex non-linear system and realizes dynamic compensation to achieve high speed and high precision. The DCS series supports Ethernet and RS-485/232 communication protocols for easy integration of peripheral devices. With the excellent speed, linearity, verticality and repeatability of the SCARA robot, this solution can perform precise multi-point soldering, even at a large unit volume for increased efficiency.

• Easy Operation: Delta’s SCARA Robot features high repeatability and flexible performance. The robotic integration software adopts Delta Robot Operating Environment (DROE) with an agile environment for quick and simple robotic programming. The system integrates the data and signals directly from the machine to configure the user-defined interface. Based on their own needs, users can auto generate and change production layouts with just a few simple clicks for more flexible manufacturing.

• Easy maintenance and diagnosis: The DCS Series supports Ethernet and RS-485/232 communication protocols to give direct, real-time feedback so users can run diagnoses on the machine and calibrate it for maintenance, if needed.

Delta’s soldering machine solution fulfills the expectations of today’s production trends, ensuring efficient and reliable multi-point soldering. Delta continues to offer comprehensive solutions to meet user requirements and expectations.
Delta’s SCARA robot and robot controller applied to a multi-point soldering machine to upgrade our production lines in both India and Slovakia
News Source: IABG Marcom
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