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  Delta Presents Highly-efficient Food Packaging Solutions in Brazil at “Fispal Tecnologia 2019”
Delta presented its products and solutions at Brazil’s “Fispal Tecnologia 2019” from June 25th to 28th. Its wide range of innovative IA products caught visitors’ eyes throughout the show. The Compact Drive (IP66 Model), Food Packaging Solution and SCARA Robots, were shown providing optimal solutions for professionals working in food and beverage industry factories.

Brazil’s “Fispal Tecnologia” is the largest and most complete event for the food, beverage and packaging industry in Latin America. The food market of Latin America is huge, accounting for 26% of the world market. As the biggest country on this continent, Brazil’s population ranks 5th in the world and its economic capabilities are No.1 in South America. The food event gathered professionals of the food packaging industries from all over the world, and visitors as well exhibitors expected to find many solutions for their own businesses. There were industrial solutions for food packaging equipment & accessories, packaging materials & containers, and even solutions for the food production chain including industrial cooling, logistics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Delta integrates multiple automated products to provide food packaging solutions for Solid Food Packaging and Liquid Food / Beverage Filling:

• Solid Food Packaging: Delta uses the Compact Drive (IP66 Model) to control the material feeding on the conveyor, and then the SCARA Robot DRS Series begins to pick, place and sort. During the process, the Machine Vision System DMV Series detects the filling and packing status, and the Multiple-axis Motion Controller is used to control the synchronous multi-axis motion of the servo. The light load, fast speed, quality control, and synchronous rotary cut and flying shear functions of the integrated system bring the advantages of precise feeding, perfect sealing and high-speed packaging.
• Liquid Food / Beverage Filling: Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series is capable of controlling multiple arithmetic logics, including VFD bottle feeding and sensor liquid filling height detection. The Delta AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA Series is later used to finish the filling and sealing process. At the same time, users are free to do real-time monitoring and adjust the production process using the Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series via Ethernet communication. The fully-automatic production assures a more precise, quality, hygienic and cost-effective filling process for beverages.

Delta’s smart manufacturing solutions allow digital control of both the Solid Food Packaging and the Liquid Food / Beverage Filling process, through the Cloud Router DX Series. Users connect the equipment to PLCs and it sends data to the cloud. Delta’s cloud-based IIoI Platform DIACloud enables users to analyze big data to improve production parameters, make smart decisions on operation status, and maximize productivity.

Delta chose the Compact Drive (IP66 Model) MS 300 Series since it tolerates harsher environments for longer machine life, and is compatible with multiple communication protocols for cooperating with other equipment. The series supports permanent-magnet motors and open-loop control, with built-in braking copper and built-in PLC for simple programming. It also meets the STO SIL2 safety standard, and is equipped with a Deceleration Energy Backup (DEB) function to prevent mechanical damage due to power shutdowns. The above features make the MS300 Series a perfect choice for the food packaging industry which requires working in higher temperatures and humidities than normal production lines.

Avoiding human interference, inconsistent quality, and material contamination are essential to the food and beverage packaging industry. Delta offers automatic food packaging solutions and equipment to clients to prevent the above situations and improves productivity with labor-efficiency. With years of experience in IA, Delta provides a complete automatic production line to solve problems for food production, processing, and packaging. For our clients in Brazil and global customers in the food industries, Delta is committed to a more automated and smarter future.
Delta attended Brazil’s “Fispal Tecnologia 2019” exhibition from June 25th to 28th.
Delta offers innovative and complete solutions for the food packaging industry. Visitors interested in food packaging technology and smart monitoring solutions come to the booth for further information.
Delta integrates multiple automated products and presents food packaging solutions for Solid Food Packaging and Liquid Food / Beverage Filling. The advantages are more automated, more hygienic, and more cost-effective.
The SCARA Robot picks, places and sorts material precisely with high-speed, improving productivity.
The Compact Drive (IP66 Model) MS 300 Series tolerates harsher environments for longer machine life, and is suitable for food production lines that require working in higher temperatures and humidities.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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